Brooklyn Business Thrives With ShopKeep

“I like ShopKeep for my business because we’re truly growing together. It’s a perfect fit because it helps me track the items that I use in my products – the raw materials, and it’s really easy to use. That’s what I love most about it.”

– Sophia Sylvester, Owner, Brooklyn Flavors, Brooklyn, NY

About Brooklyn Flavors

Sophia Sylvester, owner of Brooklyn Flavors in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, created her business from a very personal need. Because two of her own children suffered from severe dry skin and she couldn’t find a sufficient over-the-counter remedy, she decided to try her hand in entrepreneurship and create her own skincare line. It was 2004 and she quickly developed a strong local following and customer base with her online store. Because of its success, she soon decided to open her first storefront in 2007. Brooklyn Flavors is the first bath and body line created right from the area. It features all-natural, hand-made products ranging from soap and shampoo, to scented candles. As the business grew, Sophia began searching for a point of sale system that could keep pace. She quickly chose ShopKeep.

Identify Your Money-Makers and Know Your Product Mix

In a fast-paced small business, it is difficult to account for everything that is sold. In fact, most small business owners don’t even know what their top selling item is or by how much it outsells the rest. ShopKeep’s simple reports allow you to easily track and identify these key data points.

“I’ve noticed with a recent update that I’m able to take a look at the most popular item that was bought that day or that week, so that’s very helpful. When you’re doing this, you don’t really see that item going until you look at the report. Just checking the most popular item on that report, I’ve noticed that my Prospect Heights line of products sell really well, so I do make more of those.”

iPad POS – The New Standard For Retail

With the rise of mobile point of sale systems, iPads are appearing more and more in retail and service shops. They allow small business owners more versatility, and customers love it. ShopKeep’s iPad stands and accompanying hardware really improve a store’s aesthetic.

“This system is really quick and the transaction process just runs smoothly. The best part is that customers really enjoy the feel of it. They love it because of the iPad, it’s so attractive, they just can’t get over that.”

The bottom line

It was important to Sophia that she find a system that could meet her current needs and keep pace with her business as it continues to grow. With ShopKeep, she’s been able to better understand her product line and sales trends while featuring a system that goes well with the look of her store and is well-liked by her customers.

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