Upgrading To ShopKeep From Square and a Cash Register

“I’m really glad I found ShopKeep. I roast coffee and run a shop, which means that I really can’t go to a store to buy product or spend time tracking everything – my time is at a serious premium. With ShopKeep, I can literally manage my inventory down to the last pump of syrup. It has given me complete control, while also saving me an incredible amount of time.”

– Darrin Marion, Owner, Darrin’s Coffee, Indianapolis, IN

About Darrin’s Coffee

Darrin Marion has been in the coffee business for many years, holding various positions from barista, to roaster, to independent owner. Fast forward to the present and Darrin now blends his own unique flavors, operates his coffee shop, and is a wholesale coffee distributor to several other retailers in the area. After opening the shop, Darrin spent many years looking for a POS system that was sleek, simple, affordable, and would help the business become even more efficient. After a thorough search and unsuccessfully trying several mobile payment systems such as PayPal and Square, he settled on ShopKeep and has never looked back on that decision.

Easily Make Changes To Your Item List, Anytime

Programming a menu is not a quick task on a traditional POS system – or on one of the mobile options like Square. ShopKeep’s simple user interface and cloud-based BackOffice make it super easy to make changes at any time.

“I stopped using Square because it wasn’t easy enough to program or to make changes to my menu, and I need to do it frequently. With ShopKeep, it is super easy to make changes to my item list anytime. My shop is a little unique in that I serve seasonal drinks, and bring on new flavors and roasts all of the time. Sometimes I notice a quick spike in demand for a particular drink and adjust my prices and menu. This system makes it easy for me to make those adjustments from anywhere.”

Payroll and Employee Time Management Made Easy

Darrin’s biggest gripe with both his cash register and Square was that he couldn’t easily track important data. Manually tracking sales was a job in itself, and getting his employees’ hours together for payroll was a major headache. ShopKeep has essentially eliminated those tasks altogether.

“ShopKeep has really improved the way I manage the business, particularly how I track employee information and make decisions from it. Pulling and sending my employees’ hours to Paychex for payroll takes seconds, literally, compared to the hours that it used to take. ShopKeep tracks it for me and it’s as easy as a simple export from the BackOffice. I also use the employee tracking functions to help me staff according to when we are busiest. For example, ShopKeep allows me to easily estimate how many hours we need to be open to reach our sales targets – that’s helped a bunch.”

The bottom line

Darrin has been able to find success and peace of mind running his business by really taking advantage of ShopKeep’s cloud-based functions. He’s been able to seize more control and stay on top of how the business is performing at all times, and continue to make decisions that help push it forward.

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