DJ’s Speeds Up Bar Checkout With ShopKeep

“I love ShopKeep because it’s super quick and I can track everything from anywhere. I just came back from a 2-week vacation and was able to stay on top of everything that was happening while I was away. The charts and reports help me keep the managers in line. My bartenders love it, and I just can’t stop raving about this system.”

– Dean Whittles, Owner, “DJ’s On The Hill” and “DJ’s On The Blvd”, Syracuse, NY

About DJ’s

Dean Whittles’ DJ’s On The Hill and DJ’s On The Blvd have become two go-to venues on the college campuses that they sit on, Syracuse University and Le Moyne College, respectively. Dean is a local favorite and more importantly, a friend to everyone that frequently visits DJ’s, and that’s been a huge reason for his success. When you think of a small business owner that is tune with the local community and has great personal relationships with his customers, you’re thinking of an entrepreneur like Dean. After running the front-end of both locations with a PC-based POS system for several years, Dean decided that he had had enough and would give ShopKeep a try.

Fast and reliable POS, even at the highest volumes

Most small business owners just want a POS system that works quickly and consistently. For a high volume place like DJ’s, it’s a necessity.

“My bartenders love ShopKeep because it’s quick and has drastically increased business for them. They’re able to serve our customers so much faster, and any bar owner or bartender will tell you, the quicker you can get drinks to customers, the quicker they order the next one. The transactions are seamless as always, and the new open checks feature works flawlessly – we’re really happy about how simple they’ve made it.”

Leave the old school “Bar POS” and its laundry list of problems behind

After dealing with POS issues for several years, Dean decided that it was time for a switch and he began looking into other options in the market. He stumbled upon ShopKeep at a store nearby and gave it a try.

“Before switching to ShopKeep we were using a PC system, PC America for several years. By the time I was ready to switch we were dealing with a ton of issues. It was super cumbersome running transactions, and closing out at the end of the night was a nightmare. The biggest issue though was that you had to pay $900 per terminal just for them to talk to you – we have 4 terminals. ShopKeep has been fantastic with support from day one and that’s why I rave about them. You won’t find a POS company that cares more about helping.”

The bottom line

To successfully run a high volume bar such as DJ’s, you need a robust and reliable, yet simple enough system for taking sales. Dean has found the system to do exactly that and has not looked back on his decision to switch.

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