Breeding Success With POS Inventory Management Software

“ShopKeep’s software helps put hours back in my workweek by simplifying inventory management for my shop.” 

Courtney Stamm, The Cheeky Puppy, Washington, DC

About The Cheeky Puppy

This is a love story. And like all love stories, it involves a girl, a boy… and point of sale software. The concept for DC’s own The Cheeky Puppy began shortly after Courtney Stamm met Schroeder. Of course, there was a twist. Courtney was shocked by the scarcity of options for design-conscious pet lovers- and her four-legged family member, Schroeder, specifically.

Already a self-acknowledged unhappy nonprofit professional, Courtney began to research the feasibility of filling this gap in the market with her own business. She took advantage of the resources that were available to her as an aspiring small business owner and female entrepreneur. The Cheeky Puppy began to take shape.

On April 1st, 2014, The Cheeky Puppy opened it’s doors to the pet lovers of DC. A big reason the retail store is so unique is Courtney’s dislike of poor design, from bland pet stores to old-fashioned point of sale systems. This is part of what attracted her to ShopKeep’s all-in-one POS system.

Taking the Pain Out of Inventory Management

Obviously, there are challenges to running a small business. While some will always be there, other daily challenges can be automated or greatly simplified using your POS system. In the case of The Cheeky Puppy, these included managing inventory, marketing the business, and seeing a bird’s-eye view of what was going on day-to-day.

“One of the critical differences between ShopKeep and my first POS system is how easy it is to update inventory as it’s received. I have lost several weeks of my life trying to manage inventory. With ShopKeep’s inventory management software I can track the actual cost of inventory as well as the quantity on hand.”

Winning the Growth Race

As well as allowing users to update inventory as it comes in, ShopKeep integrates with MailChimp to simplify email marketing for your business. ShopKeep point of sale’s features and integrations are matched by its support.

All of ShopKeep’s 20,000+ merchants have access to free award-winning customer care 24/7/365. In fact, it was created by a merchant who refused to settle for POS software providers that couldn’t care less about their customers. Truly, ShopKeep is created by a merchant for merchants, to help them grow their labor of love.

“ShopKeep allows me to grow at my own pace. I don’t have strong ambitions to be the next big chain. With ShopKeep, I can track sales in real time and manage inventory levels so that I can grow at a pace that makes sense for my business.”

The Bottom Line

Inventory management is critical to profitability in business. Thanks to the insights ShopKeep’s POS software provides, Courtney now has the time to focus on pursuing opportunities for growth in her business. Isn’t it great to hear of a modern day love tale with a happy ending?

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