Infinite Monkey Theorem Organizes Chaos With iPad POS

“We wanted a point of sale system for our Austin location that gave us control. We looked into five different POS systems; ShopKeep came out on top as our number one choice.” 

Meredith Berman, The Infinite Monkey

About the Infinite Monkey Theorem

When it comes to retail point of sale, versatility is king.

Running a business can be organized chaos. Unlike most merchants, however,The Infinite Monkey Theorem urban winery in Austin, TX, actively encourages this. Although anything can happen during a growing season, the result is wine as delicious as it is unique.

The goal of this urban winery is to take the traditional- some might say ‘boring’- wine industry, and give people something urban, countercultural, and unforgettable. In bottles, cans and kegs.

Streamlining Business with ShopKeep’s Seamless System

After being established in Denver in 2008, the success of the flagship location allowed Infinite Monkey Theorem to expand. While preparing to open their second premises, they planned to do more of what had made them so successful, but with less hassle. This need attracted them to ShopKeep’s easy-to-use iPad POS system.

“ShopKeep’s intuitive layout makes it such an uncomplicated point of sale to use. Training our bartenders on it is simple. And if we need a quick check on the sales for the day, we can quickly do this in the BackOffice, or on the app.”

The Total Point of Sale Package for Success

As well as ease of use, ShopKeep’s reporting and free 24/7 customer support helped The Infinite Monkey Theorem hit the ground running when they opened.

“The reporting is excellent. We pull several reports on a weekly basis without workarounds that make our lives 100% easier. And customer service has been fabulous – when we first started using the system, the customer service agents remembered our employees when they called and were incredibly helpful.”

The Bottom Line

Through a combination of ease-of-use, smart reporting, and 24/7 customer support, ShopKeep’s intuitive iPad POS system helps invites a welcome organization in The Infinite Monkey Theorem’s organized chaos.

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