Kitchen Table Café Brings ShopKeep to the Denver Restaurant Scene

“In just 18 months, we’ve saved thousands of dollars by using this new technology. ShopKeep’s helped us keep up with our large increase in demand and it’s scalability and ease of use mean that it will be around for years to come.”

– Dave Kilroy, Owner, Kitchen Table Café, Denver, CO

About Kitchen Table Café

Ranked in the top half of Yelp’s list of the “Top 100 Places to Eat in the US for 2015”, Kitchen Table Café has made quite the splash in its short time in the City Park West neighborhood of Denver, CO. Owner, Dave Kilroy describes himself as a ‘lover of great food and great service’, and that is the exact reputation that he’s established for the business. The Denver restaurant is home to some of the most delicious Kansas-City barbeque, featuring all-natural meats and organic vegetables slow-cooked to perfection. Now in its second year, the midwest-inspired eatery has garnered more press and looks to continue its ascent as one of the top quick service restaurants in the country. With lofty goals and an increase in demand, Dave picked up ShopKeep to help keep things simple as operations become more challenging.

No more clunky servers

Had enough of your servers crashing? Want to free up some counter and storage space? With ShopKeep, your iPad is your entire POS system. No more annoying wires everywhere and no more clunky servers.

“An iPad POS is so much better because it doesn’t require all of that equipment. By switching to ShopKeep, we’ve been able to have a POS system without any servers taking up valuable space.”

Design your screen layout to fit your business needs

Your point of sale interface should be simple and you should have total control of how it’s laid out. Design your transaction screen in a way that ensures efficiency for your business.

“Efficiency is really important for my business. Any level of frustration can turn a customer away, so we have to be quick and accurate with our transactions. Color coordinating our menu buttons to group entrees, sides, beverages, etc., has saved us so much time on each transaction and with training my employees.”

The bottom line

Dave wanted a new POS system that was agile, reliable and easy to use – and he’s found just that with ShopKeep. He loves that his restaurant technology mirrors the budding tech scene in Denver and helps facilitate the day-to-day management.

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