Retail Pro Spruces Up Chocolate Store Operations With ShopKeep

“Before ShopKeep, we were using a regular cash register from Staples. Although it was basic, it was difficult to use because you had to program so much, and it left too much room for error. When I decided to upgrade, I looked at several PC systems and they were too complicated. ShopKeep was the perfect mix of simplicity and functionality for us.”

– Marnie Ives, President and Owner, Krön Chocolatier, Great Neck, NY

About Krön Chocolatier

Krön Chocolatier, located in the Great Neck region of Long Island, NY, is an established manufacturer and retailer of fine chocolates and various sweet treats. Marnie Ives has been the President and Owner of Krön for the past 16 years, developing a wealth of knowledge about retail, chocolates, and utilizing technology in small businesses. Since joining the company, Marnie has made extensive improvements such as adding an ecommerce component, establishing and growing a social media presence, and adding an intuitive point of sale system, ShopKeep, to help take their operations to the next level. They’ve continued to grow their following and cement the company as one of the best local chocolate brands. If you ever find yourself in Long Island, be sure to drop by Krön and sample their delicious and expansive selection of fine chocolates!

Promote your business intelligently

For many small businesses, offering holiday promotions is a game of throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks. With ShopKeep’s reporting tools, Marnie has been able to eliminate the uncertainty, and instead, create effective campaigns using real data.

“A best practice for me is tracking our top sellers on specific holidays and big shopping days. For example, on a day like Valentine’s Day or the week of Christmas, I pay close attention to the top sellers and use that information to advertise on Facebook or send email communications to customers with a promotion in advance of that holiday the following year.”

Let your employees run the show, stress-free

When you’re dealing with complicated systems, it’s easy to get caught up in a constant loop of trouble shooting and employee training. ShopKeep empowers your staff to run the show on the floor, so you can spend your time making your most important decisions.

“In the beginning I handled all of the reporting, programming, and transactions with ShopKeep, but have easily trained enough people to use the system – even part-timers and seasonal employees.”

The bottom line

Marnie found herself overly involved in every little aspect of the business at times, partly due to the high frequency of errors with their cash register. She removed that barrier by switching to ShopKeep, allowing her to focus on making impactful decisions from the information that the POS system provides.

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