Love’s Ice Cream Simplifies Accounting with ShopKeep

“Before I started my ice cream store, I worked as a software developer and I’m really impressed by how tight the integration is between ShopKeep and SHOGO. It’s intuitive and easy to map all your ShopKeep data to QuickBooks®, so setup is a breeze.”

– Chris, Owner, Love’s Ice Cream, Grand Rapids, MI

Accounting made simple

Chris McKellar is the owner of Love’s Ice Cream in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a store he opened to share his love for locally-sourced, organic ice cream. Chris uses SHOGO to synchronize his ShopKeep sales data with QuickBooks® because he wants to spend his time sharing his passions, not fighting with his numbers:

“Anyone who has run a store knows what a pain it can be reconciling your numbers, always fussing with drawer counts that are a little over or under. This integration handles everything right in QuickBooks® so I never have to worry about it. It does the drawer balancing for you, which is a huge time- and sanity-saver.”

Support whenever you need it

Chris’s business is growing fast and he needs to know that he can rely on the partners he chooses to work with. He’s been impressed by the consistent customer care he’s received from both ShopKeep and SHOGO:

“Things are really picking up quite quickly and the support from ShopKeep and SHOGO has been outstanding. It’s clear that both companies are merchant-founded – they really care about understanding their customers’ concerns and have been really quick to respond whenever I’ve had questions.”

The bottom line

Chris can’t imagine going back to doing his accounting without ShopKeep and SHOGO. Running a small business is enough work on its own, so he needs to save time where he can and stay focused on the important things – like making the best, organic ice cream out there!

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