Mexi Dog’s Makes Smarter Business Decisions with ShopKeep

“There are about 16 components to every hot dog that we serve. I use ShopKeep to track all of them and constantly experiment to find the combinations with the most customer appeal and best margins for my business. As an entrepreneur, it’s very rewarding to know that your business success is a direct product of your everyday decisions.”

– Travis Reeks, Owner, Mexi Dogs, Oklahoma City, OK

Make smarter decisions with actionable data

When you think of food truck owners, some common words that may come to mind are entrepreneurial, mobile, and scrappy. A word that may not come to mind is “data-driven”, but that’s exactly how entrepreneur Travis Reeks thinks of himself and his Oklahoma City-based food truck business, Mexi Dogs.

“With ShopKeep, I track everything that we sell, down to the sauces. Not only is it important to track how much we sell in total or by item, but also to understand what our customer favorites are. For example, if 75% of my customers are asking for pico de gallo on their hot dogs, then simply headlining it on my menu can help reduce our transaction time and increase our revenue. That is the type of information that is difficult for small business owners to track on their own.”

The need for speed

To operate a successful food truck, you must process transactions quickly and minimize both the perception and the reality of long lines and wait times. In bringing the truck all over Oklahoma City, Mexi Dogs has been able to do just that. Travis credits ShopKeep’s ease of use for employees and the company’s commitment to continuously enhancing the app for that success.

“We’ve seen a big increase in transaction speed since the ShopKeep 2.0 release. Adding customer information has gotten even easier, while the UI has become even simpler for everyone ringing up sales. Within less than one calendar quarter of full operation, Mexi Dogs has served over 1,000 hungry and happy customers.”

The bottom line

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or a mobile business such as Mexi Dogs, utilizing ShopKeep’s tools will help you increase efficiency, become a data-driven business owner, and simplify and speed up the transaction process for your employees. Travis has experienced all of these benefits first-hand and is ecstatic about his decision to try ShopKeep.

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