Nordic Nursery Opt for Reliable Point of Sale Technology

“We’ve been in business over 35 years, most of that time using electronic cash registers. Now that we’ve switched to ShopKeep, I honestly can’t believe the difference. The system is so much more reliable and our counter has never looked so good!”

– Glenn, Owner, Nordic Nursery, Newbury Park, CA

Reliability, reliability, reliability

Glenn Izard has been running the Nordic Nursery garden center with his wife for over 35 years, surviving and thriving through the economic upturns and downturns of the last few decades. He has both employees and customers who have been with him for all that time because of a consistent focus on delivering high-quality, reliable service.

“I make all my profits in the summer, but I stay open throughout the winter because it sends the right message – that Nordic Nursery can be relied upon. That’s what finally made me get rid of our cash registers. We got hit pretty hard by the recession, but instead of focusing on the business, I was spending all my time fighting with unreliable, malfunctioning cash registers. In the end, we spent a total of $1,500 on repairs in 2013 before moving to ShopKeep for a fraction of the cost.”

Flexibility, transparency, and support

Glenn researched multiple point of sale providers to replace his registers, but was put off by many who demanded he work with a specific credit card processor or seemed opaque with their pricing. He felt comfortable making the switch to ShopKeep because the website was transparent and he could easily reach support on the phone.

“The ShopKeep website told me exactly how the system worked, but I still had questions that were specific to my business. When my wife and I called the company, my POS Specialist, Clarissa, spent hours going over every last detail. A lot of other people we looked at weren’t nearly as open and available. And when it came to payments, I have a long-term relationship with my own bank, so the idea of being forced into using a particular processor was a real deal-breaker for me.”

The bottom line

Glenn has run a successful business for nearly four decades because he knows the importance of being someone his customers can consistently rely on. That’s why he was happy to ditch his old, unreliable cash registers for an iPad POS system he can trust in any situation. Just as importantly, he knew that ShopKeep stood behind its product, providing completely free, comprehensive support anytime he called.

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