OnePiece Sticks With ShopKeep For its NYC Pop-up

“We have our headquarters in Oslo, that’s where me and my co-founders sit. We have stores in Sydney, Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, London, LA, and now NY – so it’s hard to keep track of what’s selling. With ShopKeep you have a great BackOffice which gives us every day, minute-to-minute sales and that’s what we want. We run a web shop so we’re used to going online and checking exactly how much we sold today. With ShopKeep, I can do the same thing in my retail stores. That’s the way business should be.”

– Thomas Adams, CEO and Co-founder, OnePiece

About OnePiece

Sometimes big ideas are born from humble beginnings. OnePiece, the brand behind “The Original Jumpsuit” is one such case. In 2007, CEO Thomas Adams and two of his friends came up with the then unusual idea of tying together a hoodie with a pair of sweatpants using a giant zipper. Two years later, the vision came to fruition and just several years after that, it went viral through social media and has developed a worldwide presence. It was in the co-founders’ hometown of Oslo, Norway that OnePiece began. Within just 18 months of their first launch of the product, they sold to over 2% of the entire population of Norway. Following that success, they began to open stores all over the world, with locations in Australia, various parts of Europe, and the United States. Thomas first discovered ShopKeep over 4 years ago and they just haven’t stopped growing.

Engage your customers with email marketing

Email marketing has become increasingly important for retail operations. For a business like OnePiece that is continuously growing its brand, it is important to connect with customers beyond the initial touch in the store. ShopKeep has made it easy to capture email addresses at the time of the sale and stay in communication with the customer well beyond that.

“We do a lot of online marketing these days. We run which is our main business, so for us to also get the customer’s email address in the store is super important and we can do that with ShopKeep. We can send newsletters and updates on the company from there if they wish.“

Make inventory management easier

View your quantity on hand, make adjustments quickly, and even set triggers to do all of the tracking automatically for you. ShopKeep’s inventory management is about as intuitive as it gets.

“In this store [NY] we have about 300 different SKUs on about 100 different products. They come in all sizes and styles. With ShopKeep it’s easy for us to always see what’s selling most and what we need to reorder. They have automatic triggers for when your stock is low and you can choose what quantity you want to use as a benchmark for that.”

The bottom line

Thomas and his team have relied on ShopKeep as they’ve  grown their brand from a kernel of an idea to a multi-national, omnichannel retail sensation. ShopKeep has made it possible for them to run their brick-and-mortar retail business in the same cutting edge efficient manner that they run their online stores – even when not in the same country.

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