With ShopKeep, Opalia Focuses on the Customer Experience

“ShopKeep helps us create a really great customer experience because it frees up the hands of our designers. Everyone here is in customer service and the main way that we service our customers is by giving them great flowers.”

– Phoebe Crary, Owner, Opalia Flowers, Brooklyn, NY

About Opalia Flowers

Eight years ago, Phoebe Crary founded Opalia Flowers on Atlantic Avenue in downtown Brooklyn from a desire to start a business right in her own neighborhood. It turned out to be a good decision, as the business is now considered the premiere flower shop in the Boerum Hill neighborhood. Opalia features a very serene aesthetic and an even friendlier staff. The shop is furnished with several antique pieces and beautiful arrangements of all types. Since doing her point of sale research and choosing ShopKeep, Phoebe has been very pleased with how it’s allowed them to focus even more on their customers and not just on the transactions.

Understanding your business concerns

ShopKeep has a unique relationship with its customers that can only be found at a company where its leader was formerly a small business owner himself.

“I had a visit from Jason, the founder of ShopKeep. He told me a little bit about how the business started and about his background as a small business owner, and I felt that he really appreciated my feedback because I believe that my company can grow along with ShopKeep and I appreciate that.”

Fit for most business types

Stop spending so much time focusing closely on the transaction process, and focus more on tending to your customers. ShopKeep’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to be a point of sale expert.

“I’ve found that ShopKeep is a really great fit for floristry because it has given us a lot of time back, and the more time that we can spend with our flowers, the happier our flowers are, and the happier our customers are.”

The bottom line

Phoebe has been using ShopKeep for several years now and has found that it’s simplified the payment process for her staff and improved her experience of managing the business. Collectively, they can focus on maintaining the uniquely inviting atmosphere of the shop.

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