Peck’s Specialty Foods Manages Their Diverse Product Mix With ShopKeep

“I’m a specialty retailer so I have such a diversity of products. From coffee and baking goods, to prepared food and groceries, even growlers of beer. For us, Shopkeep has been the perfect addition because it allows us to be as diverse as we want to be and grow in any direction that we want to grow.”

– Theodore Peck, Owner, Peck’s, Brooklyn, NY

About Peck’s

The culinary art is ingrained in Theo Peck’s bloodline, so you could say that it was almost “written” that he would one day start his own specialty food business. In 1904, Theo’s great grandfather started Ratner’s restaurant, one of the oldest continuing family-owned restaurants in New York City. Theo spent a significant amount of time working there as a child and also began taking culinary lessons early in his youth. After working as a chef for quite some time, Theo decided to venture into business for himself, opening specialty food store Peck’s in 2013. Peck’s is a diverse specialty food establishment that serves hot and cold dishes as well as groceries and various other food products.

Get the services of a bookkeeper without the bookkeeper

Double-entry systems, accounts receivable, cash-flow statements – even the jargon of accounting is enough to give many small business owners a headache, which is why so many have traditionally outsourced this work to a bookkeeper. Not any more. ShopKeep saves you money by tracking your financials seamlessly – removing your reliance on a bookkeeper and getting you one step closer to your business data.

“In these kinds of small businesses, the role of the bookkeeper used to be much bigger and I think ShopKeep has taken off some of that pressure of having a full-time bookkeeper. Knowing what’s selling and what doesn’t is probably one of the most important things, especially when you run a business like a prepared food shop where things need to remain fresh. You really need to know how long something’s gonna be on the shelves and ShopKeep allows us to do that.”

The plug-and-play point of sale

No tools. No installation. No technicians required. ShopKeep can be set up in minutes and your staff can be trained and ready to go almost immediately.

“One of the positives of ShopKeep—as someone who is not very technically savvy—is that it is a very easy system to set up. At first I was worried, but it was very quick and simple. It probably only took about an hour to get everything set up and ready to go. For someone who has [basic] computer skills like myself, it’s a great and easy system. For my staff, it was very easy to train them and get them up and running.”

The bottom line

Theo’s expertise is in the culinary arts and he likes to focus on his food, not his technology, so naturally he was worried about adapting to a new a point of sale system – as do many small business owners. He’s discovered that with ShopKeep, he can manage his business effectively and seamlessly, saving himself time and doing away with the headaches that come with other less intuitive systems.

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