Adopting a Point of Sale that Doesn’t Make the Head Spin

“Uploading inventory is quick and easy, and the reports help me understand what’s selling and what’s not so that I can make informed business decisions”

-Nancy Gould, Sheep Shoppe, Newtown, CT

About Sheep Shoppe

The Sheep Shoppe is a cozy, colorful shop that brings together the knitting community of Newtown, Connecticut. Customers can shop for beautiful yarn, take crochet classes or drop in for help when they’re stuck on a project. The store is peppered with blue ribbons won by students at local fairs, and owner, Nancy takes special pride in helping customers pursue their creative passions. As the sole owner she has a lot to keep track of, so she knew from the get-go that she needed an easy-to-use but very powerful POS system to help her save time on complex business tasks.

Seamless Inventory Management with Growth in Mind

Nancy’s shop is filled with over 1,800 active stock items, making inventory management a top priority for her business. Some of the other Point of Sale systems she considered were not conducive to inventory growth. Nancy’s needed a point of sale system with robust inventory capabilities that is also easy-to-use. ShopKeep allows her to run a tight ship and make merchandising decisions that help her sell more of her products.

“I knew I needed strong inventory tracking capabilities but also wanted a system that was user-friendly and intuitive. ShopKeep struck the right balance. Uploading inventory takes no more than two to three minutes, and the reporting features help me understand what’s selling and what’s not so that I can try different merchandising tactics in the store.”

Customer Support that Really Cares

Born out of frustration with the traditional cash register business, ShopKeep was designed by a retailer to provide merchants with the tools and support they need to run a more efficient business. These core values were evident to Nancy from day one. She was immediately drawn by ShopKeep’s helpful and responsive staff.

“ShopKeep understands the challenges, difficulties, and demands I face as a small business owner. Their customer care team is easy to reach and always accessible to me.”

The Bottom Line

It’s important to find a POS system that accommodates your specific business needs. As a solopreneur, Nancy needed a reliable system that would help her save time on complex tasks like inventory management and enable her to make smarter merchandising decisions in her business. ShopKeep’s point of sale system is both powerful and painless, simplifying inventory management, whatever the size and putting hours back in Nancy’s work week.

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