Art Gallery, Retail & Consignment Shop, Ponshop Studio, Finds Peace of Mind With ShopKeep

“We started the business on a shoestring budget and did everything on paper. We had file cabinets full of hand-written documents. We needed to take more inventory and track it accurately. We needed ShopKeep to grow from where we started.”

– Gabriel Pons, Co-owner, Ponshop Studio, Fredericksburg, VA

About Ponshop Studio

Gabriel Pons and his wife Scarlett Pons, both former students and professionals in the architecture field, took their passion for the arts and channeled it into a beautiful gallery and retail shop, Ponshop Studio, in Fredericksburg, VA. In May of 2010, they acquired their downtown storefront and sought out to create a place where people can come to draw inspiration from the arts. On a limited budget, they opened the business with little technology and no reporting tools. Now they use ShopKeep to manage their day-to-day operations and plan for continued growth. At the studio, the husband-and-wife team offers classes to people of all ages and share their own beautiful artwork as well as those of several other esteemed artists in their community.

A complete retail POS solution

Are you a multi-faceted retailer who sells to both consumers and businesses? Do you offer consignment? Are you spending hours each day maintaining these records? ShopKeep has made it easy for Gabriel and Scarlett to track commissions and consignment payouts so they can finally take a deep breath and worry less about the accuracy of their numbers.

“We’re a gallery, retailer, wholesaler, and consignment shop, so there’s always a lot of tracking and bookkeeping to do. We sell the work of many other artists as well as our own, and ShopKeep makes it easy to track what was sold for each artist and pay out accordingly. Before ShopKeep, all of this was done on paper and it left a huge room for error, not to mention the great deal of time it took.”

Stay on your customers’ minds with ShopKeep and MailChimp®

Ponshop really understands the value of their customer data. They use ShopKeep to collect customer information at the point of sale, track their customers’ purchases, and then follow up after the sale. ShopKeep now integrates directly with MailChimp, finally putting your customer lists to use to help create loyal customers.

“I recently switched from Constant Contact to MailChimp when ShopKeep introduced their integration with MailChimp. It’s so great because it allows us to organize and use all of our contacts from one place. This is one of the most valuable features on the ShopKeep system for me. Understanding and communicating with your customers outside of the store is one of the most important aspects of running a business – especially this type of business.”

The bottom line

Gabriel took a big risk starting his business with very little retail experience. At the onset, he faced the common challenges that most small business owners face: limited budget, limited experience, and little to no data for making decisions. ShopKeep has given him the tools to grow and run Ponshop Studio as a mature business.

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