San Francisco Skate Club Skates Through Business with ShopKeep

“I had never even used an iPad before we started with ShopKeep and it was just intuitive and easy-to-use. It really streamlined the process of running our store.”

– Shawn Connolly, Co-Owner, San Francisco Skate Club, San Francisco, CA

New retailers quickly become old pros

Having started life as a not-for-profit youth program, the San Francisco Skate Club opened its doors as a skate shop, creative art workshop, and gallery space in the summer of 2013. Neither of the co-founders boasted any prior retail experience, but both agreed that a successful commercial enterprise could help support and sustain their community work. They tried other point of sale systems but found that only ShopKeep suited their needs:

“All the systems we tested were overly complicated and crashed frequently. We found all the different aspects of ShopKeep’s system to be reliable and easy-to-use. We can ring up sales, add or remove inventory items and assess the success of different products through the reporting. ShopKeep has without a doubt helped us get off to a successful start as retailers.”

Inventory intelligence leads to a smarter mix of stock items

As a former professional skateboarder, Shawn is well-connected in the industry and knew he could get access to some of the highest quality big-name suppliers out there. At the same time, he knew that he couldn’t risk making the big orders these suppliers were used to. That’s where ShopKeep came in:

“We have limited storage space and a tight operating budget so I knew we’d have to be really careful about over-ordering merchandise. I convinced some of my old industry contacts to deliver in smaller batches and with ShopKeep’s help we’ve been able to gradually up the reorders on stuff that’s selling and pull back on the products that were selling less. That ability to quickly identify top-selling items has been really important.”

The Bottom Line

As new business owners, Shawn and his business partner at San Francisco Skate Club wanted an intuitive, simple to use system to streamline their inventory. ShopKeep gives them all of the bells and whistles they were looking for without adding complexity.

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