Minimizing the Cost of Pursuing Your Passion With ShopKeep

“When we were building the business – we were trying to make the place unique – a lot of items are expensive because we have to customize it and import it. ShopKeep has been really great in helping us evolve our pricing strategy. We also like that the software is very affordable for us and it’s also extremely easy to use.”  

Debby Kim, Lady Camellia, Washington, DC

About Lady Camellia

When 50% of your customers are regulars, you know you’re doing something right.  On the surface, Lady Camellia in DC is a pastry and tea room. In reality, it’s a place where friends and family come to relax, reconnect, and shake off the week just gone by. Oh! And chow down on some world class macarons.

When starting Lady Camellia, wife-and-husband team Debby and Han, had a goal of giving the traditional ‘afternoon tea’ idea a uniquely modern twist. And, as always happens when trying to do something new, there were some issues getting off the ground.

Minimizing the Price of Passion with ShopKeep

Obviously cost is front and center in every new- or established- business owner’s thoughts. And it was no different for Lady Camellia. Finding a viable price point for their business proved difficult. When you’re doing something different, how do you know what to charge for it? This is where ShopKeep’s Point of Sale system came in.

“As a growing business, we face many challenges. ShopKeep provides us with an affordable, simple solution that is really helpful to us.”

Like most POS systems ShopKeep takes payments and processes sales, but its real value is found in the extra features. From inventory management (down to raw ingredients level), staff management, marketing tools, customer data gathering, and many other task automating tools, the system helps simplify day-to-day task involved in running and growing your business.

Mastering Marketing and Employee Management

In the case of Lady Camellia, ShopKeep allows Debby and Han to improve customer marketing and employee management with integrated customer marketing and staff management tools. This is tremendously helpful when determining their prices. And, it’s something they can keep fine-tuning.

“A few features that we really like about shopkeep are the marketing and employee management tools. This really helps small business like ours who don’t have access to many resources.”

The Bottom Line

Debby and Han started their own small business because they wanted something that was family-focused. They hope to build Lady Camellia into a thriving business that they can pass onto their son. ShopKeep empowers their business with the information they need to takes the reins, helping them turn their passion into profits.

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