Portland’s Most Unique Small Business Finds Success With ShopKeep

“We love working with ShopKeep because they care about small businesses like Spin, and are willing to update features and listen to us to help make the business better.”

– Morgan Gary, Owner, Spin Laundry Lounge, Portland, OR

About Spin Laundry Lounge

Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland, Oregon is one of the best examples of combining innovation and utility in small business. Spin’s owner, Morgan Gary took a service that everyone needs, laundry, and merged it with activities that customers enjoy most – indulging in great food and drinks while socializing with friends. Spin is the first eco-friendly laundromat, bar, and café in Portland, and perhaps the country. Customers throughout the Portland area rave about all three components of the business and have quickly propelled it to success. Morgan has used ShopKeep in many ways to help her manage and grow the business as they’ve gained popularity.

Focus On Your Top Sellers

Although Spin’s core business is service-focused, they also sell laundry products and offer a variety of food and drinks. Morgan has used ShopKeep’s reports to better understand what’s popular and optimize sales.

“One of my favorite features from ShopKeep is the top selling items report. I’ve made some changes from it that have had a huge impact. We changed our pastries that get delivered each morning, as well as our beer. I also discovered that our beer on draft was selling a lot better than our beer in cans, so we added another tap last week and sales have been skyrocketing.”

A POS system that anyone can set up and use in minutes

ShopKeep is so simple that almost anyone can set it up and train their staff within 10 minutes.

“After I decided on ShopKeep, I received my hardware, plugged everything in and within ten minutes we were up and running. We hired nine people in the beginning and I trained them all on ShopKeep in about 10 minutes while we were all around it.”

The bottom line

Spin Laundry Lounge is a multi-faceted business that blends retail, service, and quick service offerings to create an improved customer experience. Spin’s owner, Morgan wanted a sophisticated but simple point of sale system that had the flexibility and power to keep up – and with ShopKeep, that’s exactly what she got. Give it a spin with our free trial below!

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