Sweetie Pies on Main — Curating Sweet Treats of Long Island

ShopKeep POS was the best investment we made. If you are going to spend money on one aspect of your business, a strong POS system is the thing to spend it on.”

-Tom Hogan, Sweetie Pies on Main,Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, NY

About Sweetie Pies on Main

Sweetie Pies on Main, true to its name, is an adorable little coffee shop set in a historic building in Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Their business sprouted from the ground up when Judy Hogan and her husband, Tom, found themselves with available space in a building that they owned on Main Street. Though Judy wasn’t a baker herself, after living in the area for nearly 40 years, she knew the lay of the land when it came to the best bakers and chefs in the area. With an arsenal of delicious treats from local shops, Judy went about curating the best baked good she knew of and set up shop in the historic building now known as Sweetie Pies on Main. 

Each morning, Judy, Tom, and their business partner and store manager, Risa, pick up freshly-baked products from across the area, ensuring only the freshest treats each day at their store. Items include pies from Youngs Farm, baked goods from Fiorello Dolce, coffee from Georgio’s Coffee Roasters, and variety of other locally-sourced treats.

Sourcing the best local pies, baked treats, and coffee for their customers, from across Long Island, allows Judy and Tom to cultivate an overall sense of community they share with other local business owners.

Simplifying Employee Management

Hand-sourcing local products and making daily pick-ups of fresh goods is hard work, requiring everyone to take turns being out of the shop for a good portion of the day. This allows Risa, to focus much of her time on making sure operations run smoothly and that all new employees are trained properly. The shop primarily employs young adults in high school or college, which means they will be there (at most) for a few years before starting their own careers. Since employees are being trained on a regular basis, it’s important that the process is as smooth as possible. According to Judy, ShopKeep has lent a much-needed hand.  

“Training has become less of a challenge since implementing ShopKeep, because it is so easy to use. It was one of our primary factors for choosing ShopKeep when we switched from our old cash register. The design is so simple and the search functionality makes it fast and simple for new employees to find the proper product they are looking for.”

Learning the Ropes

Judy and Tom had never owned a coffee shop before but immediately began to see a gradual increase in popularity of their business over time. With continuous and steady growth of their customer base, this allowed them to adjust their operational development in an organic way. Having tools in place that could assist them with their learning curve has proved helpful in supporting the success of their business.

Having never used a POS system before, Judy and her team say they have relied heavily on the knowledge of ShopKeep Experts and Customer Care. With this assistance, Judy felt it was easy to learn the system and is thankful there is a team to help her if she ever has a question.

“The customer care team is so nice. I feel like they are my friends! And having the Pocket App makes it fun to watch my business when I am not on site. If we have a big group come in on the weekend, I love watching the sales volume grow in real time.”

The Bottom Line

As a couple, with a loyal and dedicated staff, Judy and Tom have gifted their community with a special place to cherish and gather. Though their small town celebrates the joys of simplicity, their business is anything but. Being new to running a business can be extremely daunting, but ShopKeep has helped the Hogan’s manage their operations, while supplying them with the support they need to succeed. Though a POS system can seem like an investment, Judy and Tom see the value and can’t image their business without one.

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