Lower East Side QSR, Taquitoria Chooses a POS System They Can Rely On

“When you first pick up the phone to speak with someone from customer service, you kinda know from the beginning how the business is operated from the top down. We felt a really good energy from the ShopKeep team. And then on the financial side they were able to offer us a great startup price, better than anybody else was willing to offer us. As a new business that we started from the skin of our teeth, it was important to keep costs as low as possible.”

– Brad Holtzman, General Manager, Taquitoria, New York, NY

About Taquitoria

When general manager, Brad Holtzman was tasked with finding the best point of sale system for their new quick service restaurant, Taquitoria, his criteria consisted of a few simple things: he wanted something easy to use, a system that was supported by a great customer service team, and a price point that was affordable. It didn’t take Brad very long to discover that ShopKeep was a perfect fit. Located on the Ludlow Street neighborhood of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, less than a block away from historic Katz’s Delicatessen, Taquitoria is a quick, compact restaurant that draws visitors throughout the day. Now in just their second year, Brad and team are looking to build on their initial success and take advantage of the simple tools and data that ShopKeep provides.

Service that is ‘a cut above the rest’

Exceptional support is a consistent theme in most ShopKeep customer testimonials. For Brad, it was not only an important prerequisite for him choosing a system, but the absolute core reason he placed ShopKeep well ahead of the competition.

“There was really a certain point when we knew we loved ShopKeep. We called in with a unique question and tech support responded, ‘Nobody’s ever asked that before, but we’ll be happy to try to write the code for you’. That is when I realized your customer service is a cut above the rest and you really understood our needs. Any business owner can respect your ability to relate to your customers.”

Control your business

For many new business owners a point of sale system is just for taking payments and tracking the basic sales numbers. For successful business owners however, a great POS system puts them in full control by allowing them to track important metrics in a clean interface, to make important changes as necessary.

“The ability I have on my end to update it and change it immediately, and the charts, graphs, and visuals – everything that syncs together with our weekly and monthly sales makes it easy for us to look over all sales and breakdowns in a clean and almost fun way.”

The bottom line

Brad and his team are able to keep lines moving quickly and make key changes on the back-end with ShopKeep. In addition, Brad knows that he can trust and rely on the support he’ll receive from our award-winning Customer Care team. ShopKeep gives him confidence that he’ll be able to handle any challenges that come his way.

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