The Bean Makes Smarter Business Decisions with ShopKeep

“Since ShopKeep is cloud-based, I get reports quickly anytime, anywhere I am, allowing me to make on-the-spot decisions to run the business better.”

– Ike, Owner, The Bean, New York, NY

Quickly making smarter business decisions

The Bean is a friendly neighborhood coffee shop in New York City that also offers a full menu of sandwiches, salads, and a whole lot more. Ike, the owner, had been using a traditional cash register for years but was frustrated at the manual process of creating reports to figure out how his business was doing. That all changed with ShopKeep:

“I love being able to see my sales data in real-time and understand exactly what’s happening at my store. ShopKeep allows me to make smarter decisions based on accurate information and reports that are always immediately available in my BackOffice.”

The awesome advantages of robust reporting

Running reports manually from cash register data is not only time-consuming, it’s also very difficult to do accurately and with any sort of complexity beyond the most straightforward numbers. That’s where the benefits of a cloud-based point of sale come in. With ShopKeep, Ike can look at a wide variety of detailed reports and make intelligent business decisions based on accurate data:

“I use the Sales by Hour report to optimize staffing and store hours, the Top Items export to figure out which items to feature more prominently in the store, and real-time sales numbers from the dashboard to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly.”

The bottom line

The Bean is more profitable due to the upgrade from cash registers to ShopKeep and Ike’s ability to analyze his business metrics has been the main driver of that growth. But Ike’s favorite thing about ShopKeep is the customer care that helps him on the rare occasions when something does go wrong.

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