The Red Hook Winery Uses ShopKeep to Get Back on Its Feet After Hurricane Sandy

“I’ve had people who also use ShopKeep come in as customers and ask “How do you like the system?”, and then we rave over it together. Then they say “It’s great because they pick up the phone, right?”. So something as simple as that level of customer service has made the experience that much better. The ease of use, the affordability, the clarity – we needed a system that simplifies, not complicates.”

– Mark and Sandra, Owners, Red Hook Winery, Brooklyn, NY

About The Red Hook Winery

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast region of the US in October of 2012, it changed the lives of many small business owners. The damage in many cases was catastrophic – with buildings, equipment, technology, and inventory completely destroyed by flooding. Business owners were left to pick up the pieces and salvage the little they had left. Such was the case for The Red Hook Winery. Located on Pier 41 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, owners Mark and Sandra chose their beautiful riverside spot in part because of the open views of the river and the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, that same riverside location made their winery one of the worst-hit victims of Hurricane Sandy’s fast-rising tides. Fortunately for them, they had several hundred cases of wine stored offsite. They knew they needed to find a way to quickly turn that inventory into operating capital to fund their repairs. That’s when they found ShopKeep.

Spend more time on your core business

Too often small business owners find themselves drowning in tasks that provide little to no benefit to their business. With ShopKeep, not only do business owners have an easier time managing the store and focusing on their core functions, but cashiers can spend less time on checkout, and more time interacting with customers.

“It really streamlines our checkout procedure and allows us more time with the customer to talk about the wines, which is really what we’re here for.”

Give your business some flexibility

Small business owners have to be able to adapt to change plenty and often, as almost nothing is constant with their businesses. With ShopKeep, you can customize the system to your specific needs and make changes on the fly.

“We’ve been able to customize it exactly to our needs. So on a whim if I create a flight that morning of different wines that we’re going to try—which we change everyday—then ShopKeep allows me to basically change my mind daily and keep up, and look great in front of the customers.”

The bottom line

Mark and Sandra were not only able to keep their business alive, but also get it back to the point where it is thriving as much as it was pre-Sandy. Today, they continue to use the system to manage all retail aspects of the winery and keep their customers engaged in their wide selection of wines.

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