Four-Times the Success with Point of Sale Software

“Uploading inventory is quick and easy, and the reports help me understand what’s selling and what’s not so that I can make informed business decisions”

Greg Nobile, The Stand, Fairfield, CT

About The Stand

Small businesses contribute to our communities in a variety of ways, including bringing growth and innovation to our local economies. For hybrid farmer’s market, food truck, a barbecue restaurant, and bar The Stand Branford– this fact inspired the birth of their business.

Being the next in a long line of entrepreneurs, The Stand owner Greg, and his partner didn’t just start one business. They started four. The Stand’s name pays homage to the property’s origins as a gas-station in 1938, where the first owner grew and sold vegetables in a stand next to the building. This farmstand was a meeting place in the community, where people congregated over the years to buy locally-grown vegetables. Inspired by the history of the new business location, Greg decided to make it the centerpiece of the business. They eventually expanded their operations to include a food truck and restaurant and bar.

Seamless Inventory Management with Growth in Mind

When Greg and his partner, Eamon, decided to start The Stand, they had never run a restaurant before. Naturally, there was a steep learning curve and several mistakes throughout the process. One of them was choosing point of sale technology that was designed to adapt to the complexities of their business.

“We knew we needed a POS system, so we started out with Square. It wasn’t long before we realized that it wasn’t enough. We needed a system that could handle the complexities of our business and provide us with the actionable insights necessary to maintain our profits.” -Greg Nobile, The Stand, Fairfield, CT

Measuring Four Times the Success

Operating four businesses is quite the juggling act. Having come from a long line of entrepreneurs, Greg understands the power of making data-driven decisions. ShopKeep’s reporting tools provide him with the insights that he needs to measure the success of each business all in one simple-to-use, point of sale system.

“We were really sold on the reports. We Wanted something dummy-proof. The drag and drop functionality, makes it so easy to customize reports, quickly.” -Greg Nobile, The Stand, Fairfield, CT

Thanks to ShopKeep’s reporting features, they were also able to identify areas of the business that needed improvement in real-time.

“After pulling a few sales reports, we realized that the farm stand wasn’t generating much profit even though it’s such a central part of our business. We leveraged these insights to manage staff appropriately, adjust hours and turn the stand into an effective loss leader.” -Greg Nobile, The Stand, Fairfield, CT

The Bottom Line

Adopting the right point of sale technology is key to growing your business and increasing revenue. By leveraging the reporting tools in ShopKeep’s iPad POS software, The Stand is now able to streamline day-to-day operations and make data-driven business decisions that positively impact the growth of their business.

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