Distilling Business Down to a Fine Art with iPad POS

“We chose Shopkeep because we wanted something that was easy to use but robust enough to track large inventories.”

-Melody PlateTreaty Oak Distillery, Austin, TX

About Treaty Oak Distillery

When it comes to the story behind the business name, Treaty Oak Distillery’s tells you all you need to know. Named after the 500-year-old tree in Austin, TX, Treaty Oaks offers a series of strong, robust products focusing around high-quality spirits and bringing people together.

The business was founded by Daniel Barnes back in 2006. Initially, they focused solely on rum, but now Daniel and his team offer a whole host of innovative, hand-crafted spirits: including Waterloo Gin and Starlite Vodka. After growing too large for their starting location, they moved to a 27-acre ranch.

Keeping Track of Booming Business with ShopKeep

Transitioning to a bigger location coincided with a host of additional business offerings like tours of the shiny new distillery, food service, and a cocktail bar. This meant a ton of moving parts, and suddenly, Treaty Oaks needed a point of sale system to stay on top of their flourishing business.

“We added an iPad POS upon opening our distillery to the public. We wanted something easy to use with a robust recording system – hence ShopKeep”.

All Research Points to ShopKeep

With decades of combined experience in the service industry, the owners of Treaty Oaks had a clear vision of what they wanted. Melody, who coordinates all of the distillery’s happenings goings on, knew that having the right point of sale system in place was vital:

“I’ve been in the industry a long time and used a lot of different POS systems. The ability to color code and customize your register menu with ShopKeep is really great. This makes it so much easier to find items during checkout. We look for the color to find different things now.”

Although Melody admits she is not necessarily tech savvy, ShopKeep’s BackOffice has proven surprisingly easy to use.

“Navigating reports, employee privileges and other settings in the BackOffice are easy- even for someone like me, who isn’t computer savvy.”

The Bottom Line

Even as the third oldest distillery in Texas, Treaty Oaks plans to continue making innovative strides in the coming years. And with ShopKeep’s user-friendly iPad POS system in place, they know that their busy staff will continue to be in high spirits along this journey.

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