How BakeHouse Turned their iPad POS into a Profit Machine

“ShopKeep allows us to easily see top line revenue and how costs are affecting our bottom line. Being able to see what happens in real time and then adapt quickly has been a game-changer for us.”  

Lindsey Morse, BakeHouse, Washington, DC

About Bakehouse

Daydreams and blue sky thinking can turn into a concrete, profitable small business with help from the right tools. Case in point: BakeHouse, the neighborhood coffee shop & bakery in DC. BakeHouse first began as the dream of the wife and husband duo in 2007, when they lived on the secluded island of South Georgia, in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

Nine years later, BakeHouse offers the local community a contemporary take on classic American baked goods. While bakeries and cafes (like BakeHouse) are historically among the most traditional of businesses, Lindsey and Niall add a generous dollop of modern technology to the mix to give their business a competitive advantage.

Armed with the slogan ‘Fresh. Modern. Local’, and ShopKeep’s iPad point of sale system, Lindsey Morse and Niall Cooper have been reaping the rewards of running a more efficient business for about three years.

iPad POS Software That Makes a Difference

They first heard about ShopKeep POS after it was recommended to them. Then, following their own exhaustive research, and trawling through countless positive reviews, the couple decided ShopKeep was the iPad POS system that best fit their business needs.

Just as the patrons of BakeHouse have gotten accustomed to the best service and quality of product (be that coffee, cakes, brownies, muffins, etc. ) this culinary couple have demanded the same standards from their bakery’s point of sale. And ShopKeep is rising to the occasion.

“I don’t expect anything to be perfect, but I do expect any issues to be dealt with promptly and effectively. Knowing that we can always get in touch with someone is a relief. And the sales and analytics help us minimize waste and expenses.”

Combine this eye-opening technology with low upfront costs, and it’s not difficult to see why iPad point of sale systems appeal to the modern business owner. Take ShopKeep for example, for one low monthly price you gain access to a powerful cloud-based point of sale system that simplifies inventory and staff management and gives you access to real-time sales data on-the-go.

Tuning Trends Into Tomorrow’s Sales

The right iPad point of sale technology will help save time and capitalize on trends in real time so that you can hit the crest of the wave and quickly get rid of any dead weight. This works especially well for a business like BakeHouse, since they offer seasonal items.

“ShopKeep’s sales analytics enable me to see trends. It helps us know which items to cut back on, which minimizes waste. It also helps us quickly identify when something is becoming more popular. You don’t have to keep your eye on everything because it is very easy to access all the details you need to make more informed decisions.”

Although art history lovers Niall and Lindsey spent time working in a museum prior to opening their dream business, their appreciation of things archaic does not extend to point of sale systems. In the ‘bad old days’ POS systems were clunky, temperamental, literal wastes of space. Now, your point of sale can be up and running in minutes, and with ShopKeep, if you ever have an issue or question there is a live human ready to help on the other end of the phone 24/7.

The Bottom Line

Smart business owners like Bakehouse recognize that in order to succeed and remain competitive in the 21st century, they need access to the same sales generating tools that big retailers have been using for years. ‘Informed decisions’ is a term that appears time and again when speaking to ShopKeep’s 20,000 + growing businesses; proving that running a successful business is as much a science as it is an art.

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