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The Power to TakeYour Business Online

Grow your sales with easy-to-use design templates for retailers and restaurants.

The Power to Take Your Business Online

Create a website that integrates with the rest of your business. Meet your customers where they are now, and where they’ll be in the future.

Create a Simple + Effective Website

You don’t need to be an expert coder to create a compelling website. Our templates make it easy to show and sell your products online, so you can build new revenue streams and keep your employees and customers safe. Best of all, your website is automatically integrated with the rest of your business.

Customers expect more today. Adapt and thrive with an eCommerce solution that lets you accept payments online and in person, from credit card sales to invoicing.

Online Store

Curbside Pickup

Online Ordering


Find and Sell to Your Customers, Wherever They Are

Features that Grow Your Business

Our tools can be used by retailers and restaurants. With ShopKeep, you can pivot as quickly as the market changes with features like online ordering, curbside pickup, and shipping shortcuts.

Everything is Connected

Your website isn’t an afterthought anymore. It needs to be fully integrated with the rest of your point of sale.
Customers order and pay online.
Orders appear on your ShopKeep Register.
Tickets are printed for your staff.
Customers leave happy.
Launch Email Marketing Campaigns

Reach all of your customers with automated marketing emails. Collect email addresses from your website, and combine them with customer emails you gather at the register to reach your entire base at once.

Simplicity Sells

Don’t waste time on a complicated website. Our templates are beautiful and easy to shop.

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Set Up Your eCommerce Store in Minutes

It’s all about inventory. Sync your inventory from your ShopKeep point of sale to your eCommerce site and start selling. With features built for retailers to make your life easier.

Increase Sales

Send automatic reminder emails to customers who filled carts but didn’t check out.

Let Shoppers Dream

Your customers can save their favorite items in wish lists.

Easy Discounts

Launch a sale and offer free shipping in a few clicks.

Digital Gift Cards

Pair them with your physical gift cards.

Robust Shipping Tools

All the info you need, from accurate shipping costs to handling fees.

Let Your Guests Order Online

Create a one-page menu that looks as delicious as it tastes.


Don’t let third-party apps eat into your profits. Your customers can pay on your website and get food delivered by your staff.

Pickup is a Piece of Cake

All orders can be picked up, and customers can even schedule a time, complete with notifications.

Online Orders Sync with Your ShopKeep Register

The best of both worlds. With our saved sync feature, online orders appear on your register, keeping everybody on the same page. And if you use a ticket printer, online orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, so your staff can start preparing them right away.

Use ShopKeep Payments Everywhere

Accept Online Payments + Invoices

3.5% Flat Processing Rate

Accept In-Person Payments

2.5% + 10¢ Flat Processing Rate or Custom Rate

Handle your online sales, in-person sales, invoices and more with ShopKeep Payments, and enjoy 24/7 Customer Service. And you’re never locked into one payment solution, online or off. More options mean more flexibility for your business.

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