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Understand your customers to increase customer loyalty, repeat business, and revenue with ShopKeep’s suite of integrated professional marketing tools.

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Build Your Customer List with Ease

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Build Your Customer List with Ease

  • Create a Profitable Database

    ShopKeep makes it effortless to collect new customers’ email addresses (or tag existing ones) on every transaction right at the register. Then use email marketing tools to send messages that drive sales!

  • Generate Customer Profiles

    Track your customers’ purchase history, sales totals, average items per sale, and more to identify and understand the VIPs that are driving your revenue week in, week out.

  • Upload Customer Information in Bulk

    Already have an extensive database of existing customers that you want to import? Terrific! ShopKeep makes it simple and time-efficient to transfer all of your customer profiles over via CSV.

Turn Email Marketing Into Dollars

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Turn Email Marketing Into Dollars

Send Email Receipts for Every Sale

Create branded email receipts to grow your email list and market your business at the same time! Add links to your social channels to your receipts and give your customers another way to engage with your brand.

Track Email Engagement

Check the marketing dashboard in BackOffice to see which of your social media sites are getting the most clicks on your email receipts, so you know what’s popular with your customers.

Integrate with MailChimp

Sync your growing email list to MailChimp’s powerful platform. MailChimp gives you the tools you need to easily design and send promotional emails and newsletters that keep customers coming back.

Harness the Power of Gift Cards

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Harness the Power of Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards Build Brand Awareness

    ShopKeep lets you design your own stylish, professional gift cards to promote your business and your brand to a larger pool of potential customers.

  • The Gift Card Market = Huge Opportunity

    With approximately $150 billion spent on gift cards annually, the numbers don’t lie. In fact, 93% of Americans buy gift cards, and 72% of people spend more than the card value in the store.

  • Gift Cards Help Reach New Customers

    The gift that keeps on giving! Gift cards are commonly purchased by loyal customers to get their friends and family to your store. Take advantage of that opportunity to create a repeat customer or sell more than the card value.

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Maximize Repeat Business With A Loyalty Program

They say that regular customers keep the lights on. If that’s the case, ShopKeep’s loyalty program, along with its host of other marketing tools, will keep your business’ light shining bright.

  • Seamlessly add customers to ShopKeep Loyalty right from the Register app.

  • Customize how much customers need to spend to earn rewards (e.g. spend $100, earn $10).

  • Redeem customer rewards and look up their point balances in a few taps.

  • Leave notes on customer records to guide future in-store conversations.

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