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Reach more people

ShopKeep makes it easy to capture customers’ email addresses and initiate an ongoing conversation. Keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds.

Grow that email list

Offer email receipts to your customers at checkout, and skyrocket your email list.

Market your business

Customize your email receipts with your logo and trackable links to your social profiles.

Bring customers back

Keep in touch! Advertise upcoming events, special offers, and spur repeat business.

See real results

Track your top customers by number of visits and purchases over any time period.

Make email marketing count

ShopKeep takes the ‘hit and hope’ out of email marketing. Send stylish email campaigns and monitor how well they were received.

BackOffice puts you in the know

Know if people are engaging with your social profiles in the Customer Marketing panel.

MailChimp makes you powerful

Sync your email list to MailChimp, and launch compelling email campaigns easily.

More about integrations

Gift cards: mini billboards for business

Customers that receive gift cards will visit your store to spend their card (and probably more on top).
Maybe they’ll even return the gift.

Use ShopKeep to sell directly integrated gift cards and get a piece of the $118 billion gift card pie.

This is the percentage of Americans who purchase gift cards annually.

The percentage of those folks who spend more than the value of the card. Like those odds?

“We do a lot of online marketing these days. We run which is our main business, so for us to also get the customer’s email address in the store is super important and we can do that with ShopKeep. We can send newsletters and updates on the company from there if they wish.“

Thomas Adams, CEO
One Piece

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