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Analytics: boring word, dramatic results

Analyze this: by knowing everything about your business, every decision is an educated one. ShopKeep compiles the data so you can pile the profit.

Work smarter

ShopKeep shows you the full picture, so you can understand and fine-tune your business.

Skyrocket profits

Make fact-based decisions to consistently grow your business and your profitability.

The devil's in the data

Understand your business. See everything from best-selling items to top-performing staff.

It was love at insight

Make intelligent connections by seeing all of your sales data in one convenient place.

Gain work/life balance

Check your key data from anywhere with our ShopKeep Pocket™ App for iOS.

Happy to report

Enjoy being a know-it-all! Here are just some of the detailed reports ShopKeep offers:

Manage in bulk

See your business’ total sales, net sales, and much more, for a full understanding.

See every transaction

Break down and analyze individual transactions, or filter them by attribute.

Sales by the hour

Schedule staff intelligently so you’re prepared for the week’s ‘rush’ hours.

View by department/category

Know the right time to expand your most profitable department or category.

Shift reports

Check the performance of your staff, and see the times they clocked in and out.

Inventory reports

Know which items are dead weight, and which are worth their weight in gold.

ShopKeep Pocket™ App

Peace of mind in your pocket! See how your business is doing, from anywhere.

Separation tranquility

Check all your key business info in real-time. Or hey, relax for an hour.

Have some context

Use daily comparisons to gain a clearer perspective of how you’re doing.

Everywhere at once

Own multiple locations? See them all in the app and move between them easily.

Smart and pretty

Like everything ShopKeep, Pocket is easy to use and helps you run a smarter business.

“I use the Sales by Hour report to optimize staffing and store hours, the Top Items export to figure out which items to feature more prominently in the store, and real-time sales numbers from the dashboard to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly.”

Ike Escava, Owner
The Bean, New York, NY

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