The ShopKeep Main Street Champions Program is intended to encourage local advocates to spread the word about ShopKeep, and be provided a reward for doing so. The more you share, the more you can earn!

A. Who can be a Main Street Champion?
Anyone! We want all local advocates to share their passion for ShopKeep with businesses around the US and Canada.

B. What is the program exactly? How does it work?
Our Main Street Champions program rewards ShopKeep advocates for telling their friends about us. To thank them, we give advocates $150 for every new paying account they bring ShopKeep. Additionally, every new paying account gets a free Apple Pay reader, so they can start off with the latest and greatest technology. It is our mission to help business owners by providing them with a product that positively contributes and helps them become a smarter business. With our advocates’ assistance, we are doing just that.

C. How do I refer?
Visit our site, click the share link, and share with a friend, or two, or ten!

D. How many times can I refer?
Share as much as you would like – there is no limit to how much you can earn!

E. I referred a friend, where’s my reward?
Once your friend becomes a paying customer of ShopKeep (normally after their 14 day trial), payment will be sent to your email address that you provided upon sharing – payment will be made within 60 days in the form of PayPal funds. Quite often the referral bonus will be paid sooner than 60 days.


F. I’m opening a new location, can I refer that location?
If you are a current ShopKeep customer we ask that you refrain from referring yourself and other locations you open.

G. I’m part of a franchise network. Can I refer other franchise owners?
By all means, please do. We encourage franchise owners to share ShopKeep within their franchise network.

F.What will NOT be considered a valid referral?
– When you refer people who previously referred you

– When you refer yourself, or refer people you have referred previously and use different email addresses to try circumvent fraud detection

– NB: ShopKeep reserves the right to refuse any referral payout based on findings of its own investigations into suspected fraudulent activity.


To qualify for your $150 reward, Main Street Champions and the business they refer must be located in the U.S. or Canada. If a Main Street Champion refers more than four new paying customers to ShopKeep within one year, we will request a W9 form before authorizing the 4th payment. In this case, the W9 form will be emailed directly to you. Once ShopKeep has received the completed W9 form, we will authorize the payment.

The first Main Street Champion to share with a new account will be paid the reward.

If you are a current ShopKeep partner or would like to become one, please visit this page.