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What we're about

Our Mission & Promises

Born out of frustration with the traditional cash register business, ShopKeep was designed by a retailer with a noble aim: rescue independent business owners from the nightmare of archaic POS (a.k.a. Pieces Of S**t), and replace it with something beautiful, simple and affordable. It turned out that by doing this, we were giving our fellow merchants a fighting chance against the big guys. So we kept doing it.

Today, Our mission is simple

Empower independent business owners to dream big and fight smart.

We’re doing this by providing the tools and support for merchants to make smarter business decisions, so they can reclaim time, be more profitable and keep their passion alive. And hey, if we can defend the independent spirit of Main Street from the big guys in the process, then that is a very welcome bonus.

To all our customers, employees and stakeholders, we promise…

To deliver five stars at standard

We will strive for a five-star equivalent in everything we output. In this time of transparency where everything is measured (The App Store, Net Promoter Score, Better Business Bureau, Glassdoor, etc.) we must be top of the class.

To create awesome things that people love

We will seek out novel ideas and new approaches to problems, stay fresh and never settle for standard. We can only redefine this otherwise uninspired industry if we are leaders, not followers. Learn, innovate, repeat.

To redefine expectations of quality service

We will put ourselves in the shoes of all we interact with. We want to spark an emotional response and make someone’s day better. Be a friend and also a trusted advisor.

To make decisions born of empathy and understanding

We will make all our decisions based on solid data and detailed user research. As a data-driven company, we believe that if we make smarter decisions, our merchants will too.

To inspire a kick-ass collaborative culture

We will foster an environment where big ideas are expressed, and little details are perfected. From top to bottom, we will each take initiative as individuals, compete to win as a team, flourish as a company, and celebrate our victories together.

To create opportunities through growth

No point beating around the bush! We’re here to turn a profit and pay back those that funded our fight. Profits create opportunities. Our work empowers businesses to thrive, including our own.