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Asked Questions

Referral Partner Program

How do I sign up for the Partner Program?

ShopKeep Partner Program Signup

Do I need to sign anything to become a Partner?

No, but you must review and consent to the terms and conditions of the Partner Agreement included at the bottom of the lead submission form.

Is there a cost to the program?

There is no cost to participate in ShopKeep’s Partner Program.

How do I submit a lead?

The online lead submission form is the best way to refer a merchant, schedule a consultation, get a hardware quote and see a product demo of ShopKeep. The lead form must be submitted before a merchant contacts ShopKeep directly.

When will someone contact my lead?

Quickly and most likely the same or the next business day.

Do I need to submit a certain number of leads?

No, but the more you refer the more benefits you earn!

Is there a portal where I can check my lead status?

We currently don't have a portal for our partners, but we’ll let you know via email when your lead converts to a paying ShopKeep merchant.

How can I get an update on my lead?

We do our best to keep you updated throughout the lead submission process. You will receive a confirmation of your lead submission, when your merchant converts to trial (prompting you to fill out the online ISO Boarding Form) and lastly when your merchant becomes a paying account. You may also contact your Relationship Manager and you can always reach the ShopKeep Channel Team at channel@shopkeep.com.

Can I be the point of contact instead of my merchant?

Yes, you can always request that we do not contact your merchant directly by using the check-box option at the bottom of the lead form. You may also leave a message in the ‘Notes’ section of the online lead submission form.

What happens if my merchant contacts ShopKeep before I submit a lead?

To earn a payout and take advantage of our partner program benefits, it is required the online lead submission form is completed prior to a merchant contacting ShopKeep directly (via phone, email, creating a trial account or chatting with a rep on our website).

How much is the payout?

  • The first referred account that signs up earns you $150.
  • Don't worry it gets better, the second merchant that signs up earns you a $450 bonus!
  • You'll be paid $300 for every merchant you send our way after that.

How will I receive my payout?

We are currently using ACH to deposit payouts directly to your bank account. You will receive communication throughout the lead cycle updating you on how to retrieve those payout funds.

Can I add a ShopKeep logos to my website?

Yes, you can find those on our Partner Brand Guide.

Can I create my own marketing materials for ShopKeep?

Yes, but we’d like to see anything representing ShopKeep POS. Please use approved images and send your creations to channel@shopkeep.com.

Do you have informational sheets or a product demo I can share with merchants?

Yes, in the Selling ShopKeep portion of our Partner Toolkit you can find a variety of selling tools. We have demo videos featured on our Partner YouTube Playlist as well. Stay tuned for more!

How can I show my merchants ShopKeep POS?

You can fill out the online lead submission form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a demo and put together a quote. If you have an iPad yourself, you can request free demo store access to the ShopKeep register app.

Where else can I learn more about ShopKeep?

Join our ShopKeep Channel Partner Network, ShopKeep YouTube Channel, ShopKeep Blog and ShopKeep App Store Reviews are all great places to read more about ShopKeep POS.

Product Details

What devices can merchants use?

ShopKeep is an iPad-based POS app and is supported on Apple iPad 2 or newer (including iPad mini). We recommend merchants use an iPad Air or newer. ShopKeep’s BackOffice is browser-accessible anywhere there is internet.

Does ShopKeep POS work on iPhones?

No, ShopKeep is an iPad only application. Check out the ShopKeep Pocket app for both iPhones and Android. This mobile app allows merchants to keep track of their business(es) from anywhere!

What is the cost of ShopKeep POS?

We offer our customers several software pricing options and integrations including accounting, marketing, eCommerce and more! Hardware is purchased separately. If you would like a quote, please complete our online lead submission form. Please note that businesses in IL, PA and NY are subject to sales tax.

Does the monthly price include hardware?

The monthly cost is for access to the software, all future updates and 24/7 Customer Care. You can find all our supported hardware in our online hardware store. Hardware kits are only recommended packages; you can add on or buy a la carte as necessary.

What methods of payment does ShopKeep accept for hardware orders & monthly charges?

Account billing is done via credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We cannot accept checks or bill merchants directly.

Can a merchant activate or deactivate registers?

Merchants who sign-up for the no contract option can activate/deactivate registers at will. If a contract merchant would like to activate a register they can easily sign-up for another software license!

How is a merchant billed?

Account billing is done via credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We cannot accept checks or bill merchants directly. Billing is based on register licenses available on a merchant’s account. Deactivating a register license or deleting the app does NOT remove it from the merchant’s account.

Are seasonal businesses supported?

If a merchant owns seasonal business or is just taking a few months off, we can definitely help them out! The merchant’s account can be made dormant for the duration of their offseason. Dormant accounts are charged a reduced rate of $9.99/month and carry 0 register licenses, but retain full access to the BackOffice. That means merchants will still be able to view reporting, edit inventory, and prepare for their business’s reopening. To make an account dormant, first deactivate all registers. Then, send an email from the account owner address to support@shopkeep.com requesting that we make the account dormant.

How do I cancel ShopKeep?

Contact the designated Channel POS specialist or Customer Care via email at support@shopkeep.com. They can guide you through the proper steps.

Where is information stored?

On the cloud because ShopKeep is a cloud-based POS. This mean ShopKeep’s BackOffice updates live for merchants!

What is the most updated version of ShopKeep?

As of Mar 07, 2017 the most updated version of ShopKeep POS is 2.10.0. You can always check the app store as well.

Is ShopKeep available internationally?

We cannot offer, nor support, our product outside the USA, Canada, and the UK. We feel we cannot offer the level of support needed in other countries and time zones. Additionally we do not support VAT, multi currency, multiple languages nor do we support integrated credit card processing in other countries outside the USA. We hope to in the future so stay tuned…

What kind of internet or wifi speed does ShopKeep require?

There is no minimum internet speed required for ShopKeep to run and the app can operate on WiFi only.

Is the internet required to run ShopKeep POS?

ShopKeep will continue to run if a merchant does not have an active internet connection for sales to cash and other tenders. ShopKeep needs to have an active internet connection in order to communicate with the gateway to process credit cards. If the network is down and there is no internet connection, the merchant will not be able to process credit cards. In times like these, the merchant may consider only accepting non-credit tenders. Alternatively, they can use a credit card imprinter so they can enter credit transactions manually once their internet connection is restored. To run a manual/key in credit transaction, they’ll need: the customer’s credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing zip code.

How do multiple locations work with ShopKeep?

We recently released a multi location feature that allows the merchant to connect different stores to one centralized backoffice. Check out the ShopKeep Pocket app for both iPhones and Android. This mobile app allows merchants to keep track of all their business locations from anywhere!

What features and functionalities does ShopKeep have?

ShopKeep POS has a wide variety of features & functionalities that help support your merchants run smarter businesses! You can search any of the following on our ShopKeep Support Site: sales reporting, inventory management, modifiers, table serve, Serverless Sync™, tipping (on screen or receipt), customer tracking, employee tracking/scheduling, gift cards, Quickbooks Online Integration and much more!

Payment Processing

Can I set up a merchant with my payment processing services?

Absolutely! We currently work with ISOs, VARs and consultants through our Partner Referral Program, most of these partners sell their own credit card processing services.

I heard about ShopKeep Payments- How do I know ShopKeep won’t be sold to my referrals?

Our own ShopKeep credit card processing service is simply for our Direct merchants that call in and need a processing solution. Once the lead form is submitted, the lead is protected within ShopKeep solely for the partner that submitted the lead. If the merchant tries to later call in to ShopKeep without the Partner, the merchant will be referred to our Channel Sales Team. On top of that, ShopKeep offers partners a non-solicitation on credit card processing in our contract, so we cannot discuss processing with any of your leads/accounts. You can read our Partner agreement here.

What gateway does ShopKeep use?

BridgePay (sometimes known as Tgate) and FreedomPay.

Is ShopKeep PCI Compliant?

Compliance falls on our gateway, BridgePay and/or FreedomPay, which is PCI compliant via their PayLINK software.

How do I board a new merchant with my processing?

ISO Boarding Form. Once that form is submitted, it will be processed by our Customer Care Team. Customer Care can be reached via email at support@shopkeep.com.


Is ShopKeep hardware proprietary?

No, ShopKeep is an iPad-based POS and other compatible hardware can be found on our online hardware store. Card swipers, however, must be ordered directly from ShopKeep. We have several card swiper options found here.

Can Partners sell merchants hardware?

Yes, ask us about our Commitment Program!

How can I get a hardware quote for a merchant?

Please fill out the online lead submission form and request a consultation with a Channel POS Specialist. They work directly with Partners and merchants to create a custom hardware quotes. You can also easily create a quote by adding items to a shopping cart found in our our online hardware store.

Does ShopKeep finance merchants?

No, we do not finance merchants. We do have a third party option we suggest for merchants who would prefer to avoid up front hardware costs.

Can the merchant lease hardware from ShopKeep?

No, but we Partner with a company called POS Portal who offers 24 month interest-free hardware leases. The leases have a hardware purchase option at the end of the lease term (10% of the total lease cost). All leased hardware is brand new. You can get an estimate on ShopKeep POS Portal Microsite.


What are ShopKeep’s main verticals?

Retail & QSR/Restaurant.

How does a merchant start a ShopKeep Account?

Please fill out our online lead submission form and we can set the merchant up with a ShopKeep account as soon as they’re ready.

Do you train merchants on ShopKeep?

Once your merchant begins paying for their ShopKeep account, they will have access to ShopKeep’s best-in-class Customer Care Team 24/7/365, as well as the opportunity to schedule up to two hours of training with a ShopKeep Expert!

Do you setup inventory or menus for my merchants?

We will happily give your merchant a scheduled call to help them set up hardware. If a merchant purchased hardware from us, there is never a charge for help with set up, but it still should be scheduled ahead of time. Please call us or email support@shopkeep.com for more info. Hardware setups calls are scheduled and offered with at least 24 hours notice (weekdays only).


What is ShopKeep doing about EMV?

You can read more about ShopKeep’s EMV Liability Promise here or on our EMV FAQ page found here.

Does ShopKeep sell EMV-capable card readers?

Yes. Both the iCMP and iPP320 card readers are EMV-capable.

Is ShopKeep accepting EMV payments?

Yes, some merchants are now able to process EMV chip cards, depending on their payment processor and hardware setup. Please contact the channel team for more information at channel@shopkeep.com.


What is the cost of Ambur POS?

We offer our customers flexible pricing options:

  • 1 device: $59 OR $79/month billed monthly without annual contract.
  • 2-3 devices: $99 or $139/month billed without an annual contract.
  • 4+ devices: $149 or $199/month without an annual contract.

We’ll work with your merchant to arrive at the best pricing option for them. Additionally, businesses in IL, PA and NY are subject to sales tax.

Is the process different from ShopKeep?

No, you will use the same online lead submission form so a POS Specialist can reach out to decide which system is best for your merchant.

What hardware will my merchant need?

Ambur works on Apple’s iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. Contact one of our Channel Point of Sale Specialists who can help you decide which accessory pieces are essential for your merchant’s specific business.

How is Ambur different from ShopKeep?

Ambur is a restaurant-specific POS that offers features & functionality essential to our FSRB merchants, such as table layout, multi-printer routing, delivery support, and reservation management.

Do I need internet to run Ambur?

Ambur will run independently from the Internet. All devices are connected within Ambur using the wireless (WiFi) local area network. This is a signal that is broadcast from a WiFi router. Without an Internet connection, Ambur can still communicate between devices, print tickets, and open cash drawers. Ambur needs to have an active internet connection to process credit cards. If your internet connection goes down, you cannot run credit cards. In times like these, consider accepting only non-credit tenders or using a credit card imprinter so you can enter credit transactions manually when your connection is restored. To run a manual credit transaction, you need: the customer’s credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing zip code.

How do I board a new Ambur merchant with my processing?

Use the Ambur ISO Boarding Form. Once that form is submitted, it will be processed by our Customer Care Team. Customer Care can be reached at support@amburcloud.com.

Is Ambur EMV ready?

Ambur is not using an EMV enabled device, but merchants using Ambur are covered under the Ambur EMV Liability Promise found here.

Is technical support available?

Yes! Our Customer Care team is available 24/7.