ShopKeep, Smarter Business

All your key business stats at your fingertips. Literally.

As a business owner, you need to know exactly what’s happening. ShopKeep provides you will all the figures you’ll need about your business. On the go? No problem! Our free app, ShopKeep Pocket, instantly gives you all your important numbers, no matter where you are. Always see your full picture.

Reports in Real-Time

Know all you need to know instantly. Check key stats like sales by hour, top-selling items, and number of new customers.

Daily Comparison

Gain a clearer perspective about your business. How do today’s figures compare to yesterday’s?

All Your Stores at Once

Consolidate the information and key numbers from all your stores. Move between each one quickly and easily.

Customize Your App

Personalize your store with whatever background image you choose. It wouldn’t be ShopKeep if it didn’t look good!

Pocket is just one of the oodles of ways we empower you to run a smarter business.

Run a #SmarterBusiness with ShopKeep

Robust Inventory Management

Track and manage stock all in one convenient place

Marketing Insights

Increase revenue by marketing to your top customers

Simple Staff Management

Track hours worked and identify star performers

Business Analytics

Maximize profits by understanding sales by item, hour, department and more

Award-Winning Support

You Get a Dedicated Point of Sale Specialist & Free 24/7 Customer Care