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Easy and Intelligent Staff Management Tools

Whatever management style you prefer, you can oversee your team’s success easily, accurately, and securely with ShopKeep.

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Smart, Simple Tools for You and Your Team.

Time Clock for Employee Management
More Employee Management Data

Smart, Simple Tools for You and Your Team.

Convenient Clock-in

Your employees can easily clock in and out of shifts with ShopKeep’s register app, and you can clearly see when each employee last worked in your BackOffice. Plus, you don’t have to buy a separate time clock solution.

Smart Scheduling

Know how to staff your store during peak times and your slowest business hours. Analyze employee performance to see who sells the most, and when your business is the busiest.

Easy Labor Tracking

With ShopKeep, you can track the hours each employee works, including overtime and double time. This is a great way for you to easily understand which employees are putting in the longest hours and when.

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Empower Your Team. Maintain Oversight.

Owning a business is a delicate balance: You want to delegate as many tasks as possible, yet keep your business secure. We have you covered.

  • Assign individual register permissions to each employee.

  • Decide which employees can access your ShopKeep BackOffice.

  • Win back hours by delegating tasks while keeping peace of mind.

  • View shift reports to know who opened/closed each register.

  • See expected cash vs. actual cash for extra register security.

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