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Painless, Precise, Inventory Management

Don't settle for confusing POS systems. ShopKeep simplifies inventory management, saving you hours each week while making sure your items always stay organized.

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Managing Inventory Shouldn't Be a Chore

Bulk Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

Managing Inventory Shouldn't Be a Chore

Simple, Fast, and Powerful Tools.

Whatever your business type, ShopKeep's robust, user-friendly inventory management tools will speed up your work day, improve your margins, and help you run a tight, profitable ship.

Got Thousands of SKUs? Bring It On!

ShopKeep does the heavy lifting, no matter how many products you sell. Set up your inventory quickly by importing thousands of SKUs in bulk and use items with variants to easily manage products with many different versions.

Use Data to Guide Your Growth

Turn growing your business into a science. ShopKeep's BackOffice tracks your costs, shows your profit margins, and reports your best-selling items or departments.

Day-to-day Inventory in a Fraction of the Time

Inventory Software

Day-to-day Inventory in a Fraction of the Time

  • Add New Items with Ease

    The more items the merrier! You can add and manage new inventory individually (as basic items or items with variants), or in bulk via CSV.

  • Inventory Receiving is a Breeze

    Receiving inventory is tedious, particularly when you have other things to do. ShopKeep allows you to delegate this task to employees without granting them full access to more sensitive data.

  • More Organized, Less Stressful.

    Keep your inventory tidy, and your team on the same page, by assigning items to departments, categories, and suppliers. This makes it easy to locate groups of items and analyze sales trends.


Clear, Powerful Reports That Are Easy to Understand.

Powerful Inventory Reports

Inventory Tracking & Reorder Reporting

Track the quantity on hand of items to know how many are in stock and what to reorder and when. For food and beverage businesses, you can even track components of items, like dishes and drinks, by managing with Raw Goods!

Sales Trend Reporting

Know your best-sellers, which items, categories, and departments are most profitable, or view other types of detailed sales data on an item-by-item basis. Then fine-tune for increased profit.

Inventory Value Reporting

In order to grow, you have to increase your profitability. Enter the cost of your items into ShopKeep to clearly see your profit and margins so you know where to improve.

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Sophisticated Inventory Management Tools for Real Businesses

ShopKeep is designed to make running your business feel easy. Whatever inventory tools you need, we've got 'em!

  • Sell custom or market-priced items with the open priced items option.

  • For items sold by weight/volume, use the unit priced items option.

  • Use matrix inventory easily and track products with variants.

  • Save even more time on your inventory with barcode printing.

  • Customize tax rates as needed with a few quick taps.

  • Monitor your inventory on-the-go with ShopKeep's Pocket App.

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