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Make Smarter Decisions with Powerful Reporting

ShopKeep's intuitive reporting tools provide you with real-time insights so that you can grow your business without the guesswork!

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Business Reports

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Ease

Business Decisions lead by Data

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Ease

  • Brilliant, Clear Business Data

    ShopKeep BackOffice organizes all your business' data into a user-friendly dashboard. Make informed business decisions with ease with clear, digestible, real-time reporting.

  • Your Business Data, Your Way

    Customized reports give you more control. Break sales down by items, departments, and more. Then filter reports by date and export to take a closer look at trends!

  • More Knowledge Equals More Profit

    Give your business a competitive edge. From peak times to most popular items, top employees, and more, with ShopKeep, actionable insights are a few taps away.

Know What's Driving Your Profits and What to Ditch

Sales by Customer
More Sales by Customer

Know What's Driving Your Profits and What to Ditch

Know What to Keep and What to Cut

Fine-tune as you grow. ShopKeep clearly shows you the inventory items spurring your profits and the ones hampering your growth. Check sales by supplier, department, and location, too!

View Sales by Hour, Day, or Month

Never miss a beat—or a chance to capitalize on sales trends or peak sales hours. ShopKeep's reports can be filtered so that you can see the broad strokes or nitty-gritty of your business sales.

Track Top Customers

Instantly identify your most loyal and/or top-spending customers (by number of visits or number of purchases) and reward them for championing your business with special offers or discounts.

Supercharge Your Team's Effectiveness


Supercharge Your Team's Effectiveness

  • Identify Your Top Earners

    By pinpointing your best performers, you'll know who to schedule when it matters the most. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll know which employees need a little extra coaching.

  • Easy Labor Tracking

    ShopKeep tracks the hours that each of your employees works, including overtime and double time. You can then combine this info with their net sales performance to see how valuable each employee is to your bottom line.

  • Shift Summary Overview

    Get a clear picture of the cash flow during each shift. This report includes opening and closing drawer amounts, drawer overages and shortages, and more.

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Run Your Business on the Go with ShopKeep's Pocket App

ShopKeep Pocket App

Crucial Data in the Palm of Your Hand

The ShopKeep Pocket app—available on iOS and Android—gives you in-depth breakdowns of all the key areas of your business: historic and real-time sales performance, top-selling items, cash flow, daily comparisons, and register info.

Real-Time Notifications About Your Business

Get push notifications that alert you to shift changes, low stock, or when managers access the cash drawer. The notifications feed lets you check up on all of these alerts and even contact employees directly.

Be in Multiple Locations at Once

Manage all your ShopKeep stores in the Pocket app, and see how each one is performing in a few taps. You can toggle seamlessly between each location and compare sales data for context.

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