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Easy, Intuitive Point of Sale Transactions

Whatever your business, ShopKeep's easy-to-use register will make the checkout process faster, smarter, and more profitable.

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Who Has Time for a Clunky Register?

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Who Has Time for a Clunky Register?

  • Fast, Easy Transactions.

    ShopKeep's intuitive, user-friendly register is designed for speed and accuracy. Plus, it lets you accept all of your customers' preferred payment methods: cash, credit, debit, mobile payments, and EMV chip cards.

  • Escape the Counter. Sell Anywhere.

    Want to shorten lines by ringing up shoppers on the sales floor, open a pop-up shop, or hit the streets in a food truck? With ShopKeep, your POS runs on an iPad or Android tablet, giving you the mobility to take your business wherever it needs to go.

  • Reliable, Attractive POS Hardware.

    ShopKeep's hardware is secure, stylish, and easy to set up. Choose from an array of stands, enclosures, credit card readers, barcode scanners, and more, that enhance your shop's design while giving you the functionality you need.


Why 25,000+ Businesses Choose ShopKeep

Item Scanner

Designed for Customer Satisfaction

Staff can quickly ring up sales with the on-screen buttons or a barcode scanner, and even send orders directly to the kitchen or bar. Improved staff efficiency = a better customer experience.

Effortless Check Management

Cut out frustrating delays for your customers when the time comes to settle the check. ShopKeep allows your busy servers to split, merge, update multiple checks across multiple registers, or transfer checks in seconds.

Tipping, Refunds, and More...

ShopKeep has all the additional POS transaction functions you will need: From on-screen tipping suggestions that increase tips and email receipts, to uncomplicated customer returns if necessary.

Customizable Orders

Ensure your customers get precisely what they order with custom modifiers and/or detailed kitchen notes that your cooks can easily reference. With ShopKeep, there's no such thing as an awkward order!

Offline Payments

Never miss a sale! In the unlikely event your credit card terminal loses its internet connection, ShopKeep allows you to keep taking payments via cash or credit!

Tablet POS Transaction in Retail

Built for Complete Control and Maximum Security

It isn't fun, but keeping your customers' data and payment information safe and secure is part of running a modern business. Luckily, ShopKeep makes this process as easy for you as possible by helping you ensure your network is PCI compliant so that you can avoid unnecessary fees and go about your day with total peace of mind.

  • PCI compliant transactions protect your customers' data.

  • Monitor cash drawer activity like cash drops, payouts, etc.

  • Assign individual levels of register access and permission.

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