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Pos Features That Boost Your Business

ShopKeep’s #1-rated POS system gives small business owners all of the point of sale features they need to skyrocket revenue and productivity.

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Pos Features

Simple, Powerful, Point of Sale Register

With ShopKeep’s POS system, your business will reap all the rewards of having a smart, modern register.

Simple, Powerful, Point of Sale Register
  • Easy Transactions

    Speed through customer transactions with maximum ease and efficiency on your intuitive ShopKeep register.

  • Split Payments

    Accept multiple payment types for a single transaction or divide a single check numerous ways with just a few quick taps.

  • Refunds and Returns

    Perform efficient returns and issue customer refunds from current or previous shifts, even without a receipt present.

  • Deposits or Down Payments

    Offer customers the option of leaving a security deposit or partial payment towards items instead of paying all at once.

  • Tips and Gratuity

    Customize your recommended tip amounts and allow customers to tip right on the register, a proven way to increase the size of your tips!

  • Discounts

    Create custom discounts like Senior or Employee Discounts, require approval at the register (if needed), and track their usage over time.

  • Open Checks

    Save a customer’s order as an open check, update it each time they want to add to it and close it out when the time comes to pay.

  • Time Clock

    Allow employees to clock in directly from the register and track their hours in BackOffice with the Time Clock report.

  • User Permissions

    Assign cashier and manager privileges for added control over register functions, such as pay-ins/payouts, discounts, or returns.

  • Run Your Entire Business with ShopKeep Backoffice

    You can manage your business from anywhere using ShopKeep’s brilliant BackOffice functions and powerful cloud-based software.

     Shopkeep Backoffice
  • Staff Management

    Oversee your team without the hassle. ShopKeep tracks your staff's work hours and their performance, so you don’t have to.

  • Manage Customers

    Identify top customers, bring them back, and stay at the front of people’s minds with ShopKeep’s smart CRM tools.

  • Manage Register Licenses

    We’re in this with you for the long haul. ShopKeep makes it easy for you to add new registers as your business grows.

  • Label Printing

    Print barcode labels for all your inventory items directly from your ShopKeep BackOffice on any Mac or Windows computer.

  • Customizable Receipts

    Customize paper or email receipts to include your business info, social networks, and promotional messages. Enable or disable tip and signature options easily, too!

  • Simple Billing Management

    Update your billing plan, contact information, and payment details directly from your ShopKeep BackOffice.

  • Run your business, don’t let your business run you.

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    Trusted by 25,000+ Small Business Owners.

    Just a few reasons business owners like you choose ShopKeep’s simple, powerful, point of sale system.

  • Jennifer

    "Our little business has grown by 400% in three years, and Shopkeep has grown with us. The customer support has been great. They listened to our ideas and implemented them. The upgrades have been great."

    Jennifer,  Superstition Meadery

  • John

    "We’ve used ShopKeep since we opened. The BackOffice software works well for our parts and sales inventory, the price is reasonable and most of all, we’re paid fast. We get calls from other companies regularly and tell them they’re wasting their time, we’re happy with ShopKeep."

    John,  Computer Tyme

  • Sam

    "We do about $125k a year in catering sales and have seen our catering business grow almost double year over year. We think ShopKeep will be an integral part of that growth because it enables us to process catering orders very quickly and easily."

    Sam,  Cafe Utec

  • Brilliant, Simple Inventory Management

    Whatever the size of your inventory, ShopKeep’s software makes it simple to manage, update, and track it while increasing your margins.

     Shopkeep Backoffice
  • Inventory Tracking & Reordering

    View the quantity on hand for your inventory items, and 
set up triggers when you run low to know what needs to be reordered.

  • Open Priced Items

    Open pricing allows you to sell any custom, market-priced, 
or miscellaneous items that are not priced until the time of purchase.

  • Receive and Adjust Inventory

    Receive and adjust inventory items and raw goods when you get more units in stock to keep your inventory levels and costs accurate.

  • Weighted Average Cost

    ShopKeep uses weighted average cost to help you stay on t
op of your inventory’s value and other vital metrics, such as margins.

  • Bulk Management

    Add and manage multiple items simultaneously using an inventory spreadsheet, then upload them all at once when ready.

  • Modifiers

    Modifiers are item options that allow your customers to personalize the basic inventory items in their order—e.g., Add bacon.

  • Items with Variants

    Easily create, sell, and track inventory items that are offered in multiple variations, like a shirt that’s sold in different sizes 
and colors.

  • Unit Priced Items

    Unit pricing lets you sell items whose price depends on how much a customer purchases—e.g., items sold by weight.

  • Inventory Sales Reporting

    ShopKeep’s inventory management software simplifies tracking for top-selling items, categories, and departments, so you know which ones are most valuable to your business.

  • Raw Goods

    Use raw goods to track the individual components that make up your basic inventory items. For example, every time you sell a coffee, you can track how many beans you used!

  • Your Business, To-Go, Using Our Mobile Reporting App

    With the ShopKeep Pocket App, you can keep an eye on real-time business performance while you’re out and about.

    ShopKeep Benefits

    With the ShopKeep Pocket App, you can keep an eye on real-time business performance while you’re out and about.

  • Mobile Business Insights

    Monitor your data remotely on iOS or Android, from detailed register breakdowns to lists of sold items.

  • Link All Your Locations

    With ShopKeep Pocket, you can connect all your locations easily for an instant, comprehensive picture of how things are going.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Know precisely when shifts are opened & closed, which employee it was, and the amount in the cash drawer with push notifications.

  • Date Range Comparisons

    Compare your sales data over a preset or custom date range for a similar period to analyze performance.

  • Run your business anytime, anywhere with ShopKeep.


    Detailed, Real-Time Reporting

    Get business reports in real time, including register information, shift summaries, and more, so you never miss any critical business insights.

     Shopkeep Backoffice
  • Analytics Dashboard

    The Analytics Dashboard provides you with a one-stop overview of all your sales activity over a specific time frame.

  • Inventory Value Report

    The inventory value report shows your inventory’s total value, quantity on hand, and cost of specific items for selected dates.

  • Shifts Summary

    This is an overview of a shift’s cash flow, including opening/closing drawer amounts, overages, and shortages.

  • Transactions Table

    View specific transaction details of any historical transaction, including a downloadable receipt, and export this data to a spreadsheet.

  • X & Z Reports

    Check summaries of a shift’s register activity during and after 
a shift, including opening/closing drawer amounts, and much more.

  • Sales Reports

    Filter your sales by category, item, discount, location, 
department, employee, and more, so you understand exactly what you’re selling.

  • Liabilities and Redemptions

    Sell gift cards to customers and track your liabilities on the 
way out and redemptions when customers come back in and make purchases.

  • Marketing Dashboard

    The Marketing Dashboard identifies high-value customers and shows how your customers interact with your email receipts.

  • Take Your Business to the Next Level With These Genius POS Integrations

    Boost your business performance and profits by adding some (or all) of these powerful POS integrations.

    • eCommerce

      Expose your business to an infinite audience! ShopKeep eCommerce is powered by BigCommerce, the #1 eCommerce solution.

    • Online Directory Listings
      Online Directory Listings

      Take control of your business’ online brand and attract more customers with ShopKeep Spotlight, powered by Yext.

    • Email Marketing
      Email Marketing

      Top of inbox = top of mind! Sync customer email addresses from ShopKeep to MailChimp, then launch revenue-propelling email campaigns.

    • Customer Loyalty Program
      Customer Loyalty Program

      Increase customer loyalty and repeat business with a points-based program designed to keep customers coming back again and again.

    • Integrated Accounting
      Integrated Accounting

      ShopKeep’s POS system integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to sync your sales every night and ensure accurate, error-free accounting.

    • Gift Cards
      Gift Cards

      ShopKeep’s integrated gift cards help you boost your bottom line and increase customer retention easily.

    Pair the #1-rated tablet POS system with quality, reliable hardware.

    Are you looking for an all-in-one POS solution or a hardware bundle customized to your unique business needs? Either way, ShopKeep has you covered.

    Cherry-pick barcode scanners, credit card readers, cash drawers, receipt printers and more, and get up and running in no time!

    Payments Made Easy

    ShopKeep’s integrated payments solution, ShopKeep Payments, ensures your customers’ money is always ‘good here,’ while saving your business big in processing fees.

    ShopKeep Benefits

    ShopKeep’s integrated payments solution, ShopKeep Payments, ensures your customers’ money is always ‘good here,’ while saving your business big in processing fees.

  • Accept All Payment Types

    You can accept cash, credit and debit cards, gift cards, and even contactless payments easily on ShopKeep’s versatile POS system.

  • Get the Best Rate

    Enjoy clear and competitive pricing, including the guaranteed lowest integrated processing rate, customized for your business.

  • Have the Final Say

    ShopKeep Payments is an excellent choice, but it is a choice. ShopKeep will still work with any processor you choose.

  • Process Payments Offline

    Set up offline credit payments to run credit card transactions during rare cases of brief internet connection loss.

  • You're in safe hands with ShopKeep.

    Why take chances? Having ShopKeep’s #1-rated POS system and award-winning customer care available 24/7/365 guarantees total peace of mind.

    • eCommerce
      Trusted by 25,000+ businesses

      There are more turbo-charged ShopKeep storefronts than Starbucks ™.

    • Online Directory Listings
      289+ Million Sales Transactions Annually

      That means a sales transaction every 9 seconds. But, who’s counting?

    • Email Marketing
      Award-Winning Customer Care (x5)

      Five years of consecutive customer care awards is no fluke. It’s a habit.

    Powerful POS Software Without the Hefty Price Tag

    Start making sales on ShopKeep’s affordable, industry-leading POS software. Get started for as low as your daily cup of coffee.


    Whatever Your Business, Shopkeep Is the Perfect Fit.