Lean Retail 101

Learn how to manage your retail business like a startup

A five-lesson email course offering a completely new way of thinking about retail. Download the first lesson below to get started and sign up for the full course to learn how to be lean.

Here are the lessons you’ll receive:

1. Identifying Assumptions and Ideas

How do we identify our core assumptions? How can we put our fingers on the innovations that will really drive our business forward?

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Lean Retail 101 - Identifying Assumptions & Ideas

2. Building Islands of Innovation

How do we run scientific tests in an unscientific environment? How can we be confident that our new initiative is really making a difference?

Lean Retail 101 - Building Islands of Innovation

3. Measuring the Metrics that Matter

Move beyond gross revenue and understand the truly actionably metrics that will allow you to steer your business to success.

Lean Retail 101 - Measuring the Metrics that Matter

4. Learning What Works

Product Market Fit. How do we know what success looks like? When should we push forward and when should we ‘pivot’?

Lean Retail 101 - Learning What Works

5. K.I.S.S.

If in doubt, simplify. It’s not about reinventing the wheel it’s about making the small changes that sum up to a big difference to your business.

Lean Retail 101 - K.I.S.S.

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