Small Business Guide to Raising Capital – And Keeping It

Learn how to source capital without relying on banks and improve your money management practices

They say a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Well, a business needs cash like a bicycle needs tires, a chain, a frame, and handlebars. Cash is king, emperor, and supreme ruler all at once and essential to your success. That’s why the art of sourcing and managing cash is perhaps the most important skill a new business owner can learn.

In this guide, ShopKeep CEO and Harvard MBA, Norm Merritt shares some of the tips he’s picked up building and running companies that managed money well – and turning around companies that didn’t.

What’s in the free guide?

Section 1: Raising Capital

  • Chapter 1: Ditching The Bank: Six Alternatives To A Bank Loan
  • Chapter 2: The Secret to Raising Capital for Your Small Business: It’s About People, Not Money
  • Chapter 3: Six Core Elements of the Small Business Elevator Pitch

Section 2: Keeping Capital

  • Chapter 4: 8 Ways To Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow
  • Chapter 5: The Delicate Art Of Squeezing The Most From Your Suppliers

Small Business Guide to Raising Capital

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Norm Merritt, President and co-CEO, ShopKeep

Before joining ShopKeep, Norm was CEO and president of iQor, a $500M business Customer Care firm with 17,000 employees working across 39 centers in seven countries. Norm oversaw the complete turnaround of the firm, which involved rebranding the company and restructuring the business. Norm is a passionate advocate for small businesses.