Small Business Guide to Surviving Windows XP End of Life

Support and updates for Microsoft Windows XP are over. Learn the best options for surviving these changes and securing your store.

Windows XP is a computer operating system used by millions of PCs throughout the United States, many of which are point of sale terminals for small businesses. Notoriously easy to breach, XP has been frequently targeted by hackers and prone to viruses. In the past, Microsoft has protected its product, and the terminals using it, by regularly releasing security patches to address any risks.

However, as of April 8, 2014, there will be no more patches and no more support for Windows XP. If you are currently using a point of sale terminal running Windows XP, you need to read this guide to learn how to protect yourself, your customers, and your store! Our Founder and Co-CEO Jason Richelson has partnered with ControlScan to teach you:

Small Business Guide to Surviving Windows XP End of Life

  • What is Windows XP and why is it relevant to you?
  • What does Windows XP end of life really mean?
  • What is the risk of doing nothing to update your software?
  • Three simple steps to survive the end of Windows XP support
  • Three options to secure your store and improve your point of sale system

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