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ShopKeep point of sale is fast. From opening and closing checks (on any register) to quickly splitting the bill to the basics of adding an item to an order, ShopKeep saves you time every step of the way.

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Train your staff (and yourself) how to use ShopKeep in minutes. It’s completely intuitive!

No One Likes Clutter
Customize your screen and color your buttons so everything is exactly as you want it.

Max Efficiency
Move between multiple checks quickly and close out in seconds for speedy transaction times

Goodbye Guesswork
See your real-time business reports on your smartphone with Shopkeep Pocket™.

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When the orders are coming in thick and fast, you can depend on ShopKeep to perform flawlessly.


Everything about ShopKeep is designed to last: from top-drawer and durable hardware, to our future-proof app.

“ShopKeep’s helped us keep up with our large increase in demand and it’s scalability and ease of use mean that it will be around for years to come.”

Dave Kilroy, Owner, Kitchen Table Café