ShopKeep is an iPad POS. And then some.

‘Point of sale’ barely scratches the surface of what ShopKeep does. You’ve read the highly-rated review on Merchant Maverick. See for yourself why more than 18,000 small business owners trust ShopKeep to run and grow their business.

ShopKeep Point of Sale

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ShopKeep Ratings

Your Business, Smarter

Our detailed real-time data and reporting helps you to make better decisions.

More Time in the Day

ShopKeep manages inventory, staffing, and puts precious hours back in your week.

Always User-Friendly

Every aspect of ShopKeep is easy to use and speeds up how you do business.

Do More from One Place

ShopKeep integrates with QuickBooks accounting and MailChimp email marketing.

Your Ideal Equipment

Cherry-pick affordable hardware to suit your business from our online store.

Don’t Break the Bank

ShopKeep's business-changing iPad POS software costs just $69 per month.

No Stress Process

ShopKeep gives a dedicated expert for your first 60 days as a customer.

Total Peace of Mind

ShopKeep’s free and award-winning support team is here for you 24/7/365.

“The bottom line is that Shopkeep is too compelling to be overlooked if you’re a small business. It’s lean, fast, and affordable—tailor-made to fit right in to your operation.”

-Merchant Maverick

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*Ratings based on Apple App Store publicly listed customer ratings, averaged out on All Versions, for ShopKeep Point of Sale App, as of 12/01/2015.

95% of ShopKeep businesses

make it through their make-or-break first year.

25% of businesses

fail in their opening year, on average. Play the odds!

On average, ShopKeep businesses grow at

3 times the national average.

“Whether it’s ringing up a bottle, some merchandise, or running the restaurant, our iPad and ShopKeep keep us going.”

Adam Flatt, Owner, Social Still