Certifiably Smart!

Ready to be a ShopKeep Certified Partner? Great. There’s oodles of benefits for you when you help us empower independent business owners. A match made in heaven, you say?

ShopKeep Starter Kit for Retail Businesses

Can I be a ShopKeep Certified Partner?

Do you guide your merchants through the sales and setup of their POS? Then you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Point of sale dealers, VARs, and Apple specialists are a few examples.

Now to the good part. Benefits.

Money in Your Pocket

For each merchant you sign up, you’ll earn a $300 bonus and 20% on all point of sale hardware.

Get Our Valuable Leads

You’ll be eligible to get the top-notch leads that come through our marketing channels. Where has the Certified Partner Program been all your life?

You Look Good, We Look Good

We’ll provide you with online training, portal to manage leads, co-branded marketing material and everything you’ll need to ensure continuing success.

Processing Freedom

With us, you can give your merchants and prospects the freedom of using the credit card processor of their choice. That’s rare. A deal-breaker, in fact.

Retail and Food Service

Over 20,000 customer locations use ShopKeep. We are detailed and versatile: the ideal point of sale system for all your prospective clients.

Leave All Customer Care To Us

Phone? Email? Chat? Our customer support is free, unlimited, round-the-clock, and award-winning. Or you can enter into support contracts directly with your merchant. Aces.