Credit Card Processing

This article covers everything our partners and merchants need to know to set up and test credit card swiping.

Table of Contents

Set Up Credit Card Processing

Merchants are free to process with any provider they like. ShopKeep uses BridgePay, formerly known as TGate, as our gateway. You can find processor compatibility and PCI compliance information on BridgePay’s website.

 1  The merchant chooses a provider.

 2  The merchant or a representative from their processing company fills out our ISO Boarding Form.

 3  ShopKeep Customer Care processes the boarding form.

 4  Customer Care emails the merchant and their representative when the account is ready to accept credit cards.

If there are any problems, we’ll reach out by email with steps for resolution.

Purchase a Credit Card Reader

Merchants need to purchase an encrypted reader from our online store to swipe credit cards in ShopKeep.

Ingenico iPP320

The iPP320 plugs into a router and syncs with the register over WiFi. It’s compatible with ShopKeep v2.7.0 and above.


Visit our iPP320 support article for more info and setup help.

Ingenico iCMP

The iCMP connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and works with ShopKeep version 2.5.2 and above.


Visit our iCMP support article for more info and setup help.

MagTek iDynamo 5

The iDynamo 5 plugs directly into the charging port of the iPad register and works with every version of ShopKeep.


Visit our iDynamo support article for more info and setup help.

Run a Test Transaction

After we let you know the account is set up, run a test transaction to check that everything works. Tap in the search field (upper-right) and select the open-priced “Misc Non-Taxable” item.

 1  Ring up $0.01 using Misc Non-Taxable and tap Credit.

 2  Swipe or tap a credit card.

 3  Sign the screen and press No Tip.


 4  Press Charge to confirm.

 5  Press Done to finish up.

Funds accumulate in the gateway and batch automatically the next morning. Visit our Credit Card Reader Troubleshooting guide or call support at 800 820 9814 for help with any issues.