Howdy, Partner!

ShopKeep’s Referral Program pays you a phenomenal $300 for each converted lead.
Just give us their details, we’ll do all the donkey work. We love our partners, and, needless to say,
our partners love the Referral Program!

ShopKeep Is Simply Brilliant

More than 13,000 businesses use ShopKeep to run and grow their business. From speedy transactions to easy inventory, and so much more, ShopKeep businesses run smarter.


Let Us Help You

We’ll give you a dedicated expert to help your lead(s) through the sales process. We’ll also provide you with material explaining all the benefits of ShopKeep to prospects (training, iPad demo stores, and more).


Painless Process

ShopKeep works with any credit card processor, so you won’t jeopardize your current processing relationships. We’re super-flexible (must be all the yoga).


Leave Customer Care To Us

Phone? Email Chat? Our customer support is free, unlimited, round-the-clock, and award-winning. We are committed to providing the best customer care in the business (hence the awards).