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ShopKeep Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions

What is the ShopKeep Ambassador Program?

Our ShopKeep Ambassador program is designed to reward those new customers of ours who learn of ShopKeep by way of meeting a ShopKeep staff member.

How do I become eligible to receive $100 joining bonus?

Once you have met a ShopKeep employee and they have given you their unique ‘Referral Code’ you can contact ShopKeep in one of two ways:

  1. Visit, complete the lead form and importantly fill out the field titled ‘Referral Code (4 digits)’. Here you enter the code given to you by the ShopKeep staff member.
  2. Call us on 888.457.8041 and be sure to tell the agent the 4 digit Referral Code you were given.

It's extremely important a Referral Code is supplied, as it is this code which entitles a new customer to receive the $100 cash bonus.

$100 bonus is processed for payment upon the new customer completing two billing periods (about 2 months) for those on month-to-month contracts and for those who select an annual contract the $100 bonus will be processed for payment within 14 days.

How long until the $100 bonus hits my bank account?

New customers on month-to-month plans: allow up to 90 days from first billing date

New customers on annual contracts: allow up to 45 days from first billing date

How will I receive the $100 bonus?

Payments can only be made to US bank accounts.

Payments will be made through In order to receive payment under this program all participants must create a account.

Once new customer become eligible for payment, an email from will be sent to the new customers email address that was provided when first signing up to ShopKeep. Eligible $100 reward recipients must accept the invitation in the email, and provide their US bank details via the secure website. ShopKeep will then deposit money directly into the linked US bank account.

What will NOT be considered a valid new customer eligible to receive $100 bonus ?

  • New customer did not meet ShopKeep employee in person
  • New customer did not provide the unique referral code they were given in accordance with the timeline stipulated in these terms.
  • NB: ShopKeep reserves the right to refuse any referral payout based on findings of its own investigations into suspected fraudulent or dishonest activity.

Statute of Limitations

If a new customer did not provide a ShopKeep employee unique referral code upon signing up, either via or by calling 888.457.8041, the new customer has 90 days from their first billing date to contact ShopKeep and provide this unique Referral code. Failure to notify within this time frame forfeits the right to collect the $100 bonus.

Anyone eligible to receive a referral payment has a period of 180 days from the date of the first email is sent to sign up to and accept payment. Anyone who does not comply with this timeframe will forfeit their referral bonus.