Check Sync & Backup

Check Sync & Backup enables businesses with an active internet connection to sync open checks between registers and to securely back up checks, even if using a single device. With this feature, checks started at one register can be viewed, modified, and finished on another, allowing flexibility to manage orders from any available device. When adding or replacing a register, backed-up checks will be available immediately.

This feature is only available for the ShopKeep Register on The Mini and The Station. To sync saved sales between registers on the ShopKeep Register for iOS, enable Serverless Sync™.

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Check Sync & Backup Basics

Here is some basic information about how the Check Sync & Backup feature works.

  • Check Sync & Backup allows a business’s open checks to be managed from any of its registers and to be automatically backed up in the cloud.
  • Checks sync between all registers activated on the same ShopKeep store, no matter which network each device is connected to. When a new register is activated, existing checks will automatically sync to it.
  • Check Sync & Backup is enabled by default on all registers but can be disabled for individual registers working offline.
  • This feature requires an active internet connection. If you plan to use registers without internet, disable Check Sync & Backup to avoid recurring offline warning messages.
  • Best Practices for Check Sync & Backup

    For Check Sync & Backup to work most effectively, follow the best practices for using this feature.

  • Check Sync & Backup requires a stable internet connection. To be sure your network will perform as needed, we recommend following our best practices for network setup.
  • If multiple employees are helping the same table or party, each employee should manage their own separate check (instead of managing the same check together) and merge them, if necessary, before completing the transaction to avoid unnecessary check conflicts.
  • If internet unexpectedly goes down, create and modify all checks from a single register able to accept all payment tenders needed for checkout to ensure checks will remain intact on one register, and not be divided among multiple registers, if connectivity is not restored.
  • If you plan to operate any particular register(s) offline, disable Check Sync & Backup on that register to avoid offline prompts when managing checks.
  • Check Sync & Backup Settings

    While it is recommended to keep Check Sync & Backup enabled, if you plan to continuously operate a register without internet, disable Check Sync & Backup on that register to avoid recurring offline warning messages. If disabled, Check Sync & Backup can easily be turned back on.

    Disabling Check Sync & Backup on a register will immediately sync its checks to other registers with the feature enabled, then remove them from the disabled register. After the feature is disabled, checks created at that register will no longer be backed up or synced to other registers.

    1. Sign into the register as a manager.
    2. On the register menu, tap ‘Settings’.
      Click to Enlarge
    3. Toggle the switch next to ‘Check Sync & Backup’.
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    4. Review the warning, then click ‘Continue’ to disable the feature on this register.
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    5. (Optional) Repeat steps 1 - 4 to disable the feature on other offline registers.

      Check Sync & Backup will remain enabled on other registers until these steps are repeated.

    6. To re-enable Check Sync & Backup, perform steps 1 - 3 on a register where it is disabled.

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