This feature is only available for ShopKeep merchants on select pricing packages.

Multi-Store Suppliers

Multi-store suppliers allow businesses with linked locations to share a common list of suppliers between locations, manage suppliers from any linked BackOffice, and view supplier sales reporting combined for all locations. Learn below how multi-store suppliers work in ShopKeep and how to enable them.

Learn about the setup and use of suppliers here.

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About Multi-Store Suppliers

Multi-store suppliers simplify how businesses with multiple locations manage and view reporting on suppliers. Let’s review how suppliers normally function, how multi-store suppliers work, and the benefits of using multi-store suppliers.

Suppliers are the vendors from whom a business gets its items. By default, each ShopKeep store uses its own, separate set of suppliers which must be managed independently from that location’s BackOffice.
Multi-store suppliers allow businesses with multiple locations to use a single set of suppliers for all linked locations. When multi-store suppliers are enabled, adding, renaming, or deleting a supplier in one location’s BackOffice automatically makes that change in all linked locations.
Enable multi-store suppliers to:
  • Merge existing suppliers from linked locations into a single list to be used by all locations.
  • Manage suppliers in one location’s BackOffice and have changes apply to all linked locations.
  • View sales data for each supplier combined across all linked locations using the Sales by Supplier report.
    If suppliers are duplicated on the report after enabling the feature, learn how to remove the duplicates here.
  • Enable Multi-Store Suppliers

    Request that multi-store suppliers be enabled for your account to merge suppliers from each linked location into a single list to be used by all locations. This change must be requested by the account’s Business Owner.

    This feature is available to merchants with linked locations. Visit our New Store Setup article to learn how to create a new linked location or our Multi-Store Management guide to learn how to link existing locations.

    1. Run the Sales by Supplier report and check for the location drop-down.
      • If the location drop-down is not there, proceed to step 2.
      • If the location drop-down is there, multi-store suppliers are already enabled for your account and you can skip the rest of this section.
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    2. Visit the multi-store suppliers request form.
    3. Review the first page of the form, then click 'Next'.
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    4. Enter your store name and Business Owner email, then click ‘Submit’.
      • Store Name: ShopKeep account name with no spaces or punctuation.
      • Business Owner Email: Unless changed, the email originally used to set up the account.
        Learn how to view the Business Owner Email for your account here.
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    5. Wait for an email from ShopKeep confirming multi-store suppliers have been enabled for your account.

      This may take up to 7 – 10 business days.

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