This feature is only available for ShopKeep merchants on select pricing packages.

Online Ordering

Use Online Ordering to set up a custom website with your menu items and offer your customers the ability to place orders from that website for pickup. These orders are sent directly to your register and ticket printer for easy tracking and preparation. When an order is ready, the customer is notified via SMS so they can pick it up and pay for it in your store.

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Online Ordering Basics

Here is some basic information about how the Online Ordering feature works.

  • Accept orders placed from your custom ShopKeep website.
  • Online orders are accepted on one register at a time. The register that accepts online orders must stay signed in to receive incoming orders. If necessary, disable Auto Signout.
  • When an online order is received, a new check is created on the register and a kitchen ticket prints if you use a kitchen printer. If you only have a receipt printer, a chit will print.
  • Items with variants, unit priced items, and items that are priced at the register are not included in the online menu but can be added to the order at the register when the customer picks up.
  • Departments are listed alphabetically and items are listed alphabetically within each department.
  • Online Ordering Setup

    Online Ordering setup begins in BackOffice. Once enabled, a unique URL is generated for you to share with your customers via your ordering website (e.g. via your website, Facebook page, Yelp page) for customers to place online orders. Manage the items that appear on the Online Ordering menu from the Menu page.

    1. In BackOffice, click ‘Marketing’ and select ‘Online Ordering’.
    2. Click 'Turn on Online Ordering'.
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    3. Click 'Menu' on the online ordering settings page to access the menu page.
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    4. Use the toggle switches to manage the items that appear on the online menu.

      Items toggled off (gray) will not appear on the online ordering menu.

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    5. Click 'Save'.
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    6. Click 'General' to return to the online ordering settings page.
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    7. Review your store's business information (taken directly from your receipt settings). To make changes, click 'Update Info'.
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    8. Choose the register at which you would like to receive online orders from the drop down menu.

      Only one register can receive online orders at a given time.

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    9. Select 'Yes' to turn on 'Accept Online Orders'.

      Turn to ‘No’ when you want to turn off or pause online orders for any reason.

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    10. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.
    11. Embed the order link on your store's website.

      Use the order link to preview your menu before accepting online orders.

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    12. Tap 'Get Updates' on the register app to sync the changes.

    Continue below to learn how customers place orders online and how cashiers manage orders at the register.

    Place Online Orders

    Learn how customers create online orders and submit them for pick up.

    1. From the online menu, click the '+' to add an item.
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    2. (Optional) Update quantity and add modifier options.

      Price will update if the customer adds options that change the price of the item.

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    3. Click 'Add'.
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    4. After adding all items to the order, click 'View Cart'.
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    5. Confirm the items, then click 'Checkout'.

      Remove items from the cart by clicking ‘View Cart’, then clicking the red ‘X’ to remove them individually or ‘Empty Cart’ to remove them all at once.

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    6. Enter a mobile phone number to reference the order.

      This phone number will receive text message updates about the order.

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    7. Click 'Send order' to place the online order.
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    8. View the order confirmation screen and click 'OK' to dismiss it.
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    The customer will receive a text message when the order is received. A new check will appear on the register. See below to manage this new order.

    Manage Online Orders

    Learn what cashiers see when online orders are placed and how to fulfill online orders at the register.

    1. When an online order is received, a new check is created with the label 'Online Order' and customer phone number.
      • If you use a ticket printer, a ticket will print automatically when the order is received. This ticket will include a note at the bottom that says ‘Online Order’ and the customer’s phone number. If no kitchen printer is available, a chit will print at the receipt printer with the same information.
      • New orders are labeled ‘OO: Received’ on the checks screen and a badge is added to the menu button, counting each open online order.
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    2. When the order is ready for pick up, open the check, tap 'More', then 'Mark Ready'.

      Note: It is not required that an order is marked ready to close out.

      Orders that are ready are labeled ‘OO: Ready’ on the checks screen. A text message is automatically sent to the customer to let them know that their order is ready for pick up.

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    3. When the customer picks up the order, complete the transaction as you normally would when closing open checks.

      Items with variants, unit priced items, and items that are priced at the register can be added to the order at the register when the customer picks up.

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